Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Once Upon a Read-aThon (Updates)

Once Upon a Read-a-ThonI'll be doing all of my updates in this post and on Twitter.
You can find me on Twitter HERE (my handle is HauntedOrchid). You can also follow all the readathon twitter action by using the following #OUreadathon. =)

Best of luck to all who are participating in the readathon.

Currently Reading:
Over Sea, Under stone

Books to be Read:

Books Read:
Jacob Have I Loved
The Rag and Bone Shop
Millennium Snow 2
The Wrong Number
Amazing Agent Luna Omnibus 2

from Bailey of IB Book Blogging-
Mini Challenge Question 1&2:
What is your favorite type of myth (Greek, Roman, Egyptian etc)?What is your favorite book with some type of mythology in it?
My answer can be found HERE.

from The Musings of ALMYBNER:
Cover Guessing. One of the thoughest ones I've come across.

Hours read: 8.5
Books finished: 5
Challenges Participated in: 2

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