Thursday, July 14, 2011

Once Upon a read-a-Thon

First off, I would like to thank the lovely hosts of the Once Upon a Read-a-Thon. Thank you ladies, ya'll did a wonderful job! =)

I'm not feeling too chipper at the moment (I'm either having a bit of an allergy attack or have a slight cold or maybe a mix of both), so I'll keep this really short.

Here's what I read:
Jacob Have I Loved

The Rag and Bone Shop
Millennium Snow 2
The Wrong Number
Amazing Agent Luna Omnibus 2

I got about half-way through Over Sea, Under Stone by Susan Cooper. I didn't get much reading done on the last day so I never got a chance to finish reading it before the readathon ended.
Hours read, about 11 for all three days. I turned out to have less time to read than I had anticipated on.
Total pages read: 1,263
I only participated in the first two mini challenges as well.
Hope ya'll had as much fun as I did. =)

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