Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wish List Wednesday (56)

Lulu Dark and the Summer of the Fox (Lulu Dark, 2) by Bennet Madison, 2006. Published by Razorbill.
The last thing Lulu Dark needs is a mystery getting in the way of her Important Summer Plans (which include snacking, sunbathing, and trash TV). But when Lulu's mother, B-list celebrity Isabelle Dark, drops into town to shoot a movie, Lulu gets just that.

  Isabelle disappears, and despite her mother's reputation for flakiness, Lulu has a hunch she's in real trouble. Especially when she finds a note among Isabelle's things from a mysterious figure known only as The Fox.
  Lulu must cross paths with a teen screen queen, a dodgy director, and a fleet of muscle-bound maids before she finds her mom and uncovers The Fox's true identity.
Why: Because I absolutely loved Lulu Dark Can See Through Walls and cannot wait to see what kind of trouble Lulu and her friends will get into.

13th Boy by Sang Eun Lee, 2009. Published by Yen Press.

It was love at first sight. The moment Hee-So’s eyes met Won-Jun’s she knew it was meant to be. Their relationship took off when Hee-So confessed her feelings on national TV, but less than a month later, Won-jun is ready to call it quits without any explanation at all. Hee-So’s had a lot of boyfriends — Won-Jun is number twelve — but being dumped is never easy. She’s not ready to move on to the thirteenth boy just yet. Determined to reunite with Won-Jun, Hee-So’s on a mission to win over her destined love once more.
Why: Mainly because the synopsis makes 13th Boy sound like a light fun read, which is what really draws me to shojo type manga. plus it just sounds like an all-around great read.


  1. Don't want to miss more Lulu. The 13th Boy names crack me up but sounds like high teen drama!

  2. I was just going to say that "13th Boy sounds like a light fun read," and then you wrote exactly the same thing below the summary. Great minds think alike.


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