Thursday, August 11, 2011

We Were There 6

We Were There 6 by Yuki Obata, 2009. 200 pages. Published by Viz Media (Shojo Beat). Source: Library.
What would be a present that's better than your past?It's simply this...You're here, And I'm here.
When I ordered it from the library it was listed as the first volume, so I was kinda disappointed when I picked it up and realized that it was the sixth one instead. I almost didn't read it, but started it out of boredom.

Volume six of We Were There starts off with the three main characters at a bonfire where people confess there love for someone (I'm laughing at my own description right now, but just go with it). With friends Takeuchi and Yano both preparing to confess their feelings for the same girl, Takahashi. 
I know what you're thinking, this doesn't sound all that interesting, well that's were you'd be wrong. Because one of the boys ties up the other to get him...out of the way.

What I liked most about We Were There was the portrayal of the turmoil of feelings that Takahashi went through and how the Yuki Obata so brilliantly presented you with a pretty true to life story of love gone awry. I also enjoyed how as the two tried to reconcile their differences everything didn't just go from broken to sunshine and rainbows, and that there were obstacles for them to over come.

After reading the sixth volume I'm absolutely curious to see what how it all started, and also were the series will go on from where it ended.

One of the things I liked about Takahashi was that while she likes, maybe even loves, him she didn't want to just pick things up right were they left off. It was nice reading about a female character that wasn't completely swoony over their "love" interests.

As for Yano, what I really liked was when he finally opened up about what happened to his last girlfriend, and the way that it was revealed to the reader.

Takeuchi at the moment is my favorite, but gosh did I feel bad for him by the time that volume six drew to a close. He's either the best best friend ever, or entirely too soft for his own good. Can't decide at the moment.
I've probably said this about another manga, but I absolutely loved the art work in We Were There. I loved her character depictions and the range of emotions their facial expressions showed, which totally helped draw me into the story.

The one thing I didn't like was that in the  first chapter I couldn't tell Yano and Takeuchi apart, mainly because it wasn't stated who was who (I probably would've known had I been reading the series since the beginning).

Final Verdict: We Were There 6 loved it! I NEED all the volumes I haven't read.

We Were There 6 earns 5 out of 5 pineapples.

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