Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wish List Wednesday (63)

tbThe Goblin War (Goblin Wood, 3) by Hilari Bell, October 11, 2011. Published by HarperTeen. 
Hilari Bell’s thrilling finale to the Goblin trilogy! Alliances are once again tested, and the fate of the entire kingdom rests in the hands of some unexpected heroes.

A multitude of vicious barbarians is out to take over the Realm. The only ones who know what it will take to stop them are teenage hedgewitch Makenna, former knight Tobin, his well-meaning but often na├»ve younger brother, Jeriah—and a whole lot of goblins. They’ll need to work together to formulate a plan. The answer lies with the Otherworld Spirits and also with the blood amulets that give infinite power to the barbarians. The question is: Can they band together and save the Realm in time?
Why: Because I have recently devoured the first two books and absolutely NEED to know how the series will end. I am absolutely loving the world and characters that Ms. Bell has created.
My reviews of The Goblin Wood and The Goblin Gate.
Bleach 2 by Tite Kubo, 2004 (originally published in 2002). Published by Viz Media.
Hot-tempered 15-year-old Ichigo Kurosaki, the hero of the popular fantasy-adventure Bleach, has the unsettling ability to see spirits who are unable to rest in peace. His sixth sense leads him to Rukia, a Soul Reaper who destroys Hollows (soul-devouring monsters) and ensures the deceased find repose with the Soul Society. When she's injured in battle, Rukia transfers her sword and much of her power to Ichigo, whose spiritual energy makes him a formidable substitute Soul Reaper. But the orange-haired teenager isn't sure he wants the job: too many risks and moral dilemmas.
 Why: Bleach is one of my favorite shows and I really enjoyed reading the first volume of the manga. You can see my thoughts on Bleach 1.

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