Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Guest Post: Kate of Back of the Book Reviews + Giveaway

Kate is one of the two bloggers who runs Back of the Book Reviews. I hope ya'll will give her a warm welcome to the blog, as she discusses her love of dragons.
I have always loved Dragons. They mythology of such a creature and the
magnificent beauty that they have has always kept me spell bound. When I
first read Eragon that was the first thing that struck me about the story:
The dragons! I loved the idea that there were dragon riders, knights who
trained along with their dragons for epic battles.

With Saphira the beauty and magnificence were parallel to her love,
compassion and humour. The way that she has been depicted in the story
just makes you want to have a Saphira of your own, or it did me anyway.
From the book I generated one view of her, the film offered another image
of her. I’m not sure which one I would have gone for really. They both
offered me as a reader aspects that I had in my imagination.

With the release of Inheritance in November I am very keen to see how the
story will end. Following the series from the start I have a feeling that
the ending will be as good as the books have been and will hopefully have
an ending that is what I would like.

Thank you to Orchid for allowing me to discuss this with you. Also please
check out my site as we will be hosting a
giveaway to accompany this reading challenge.

Thanks, Kate, for the awesome post. =)

Contest details: The lovely Kate has a surprise instore for ya'll on her blog, a giveaway that fits in perfectly with the challenge. Now I already know what she's giving away, all you need to do is visit her blog, Back of the Book Reviews, to enter. Trust me ya'll want to enter.

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  1. Her blog is closed?

    Anyway, I love Dragons. I think they are fantastic and amazing creatures!


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