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Guest Post: Robyn of Roboloblyn's Universe of Books (Inheritance Reading Challenge)

PhotobucketAs part of the Inheritance Read ing Challenge, I am pleased to introduce ya'll to the lovely Robyn of Roboloblyn's Universe of Books as she talks about her love of the series.
One day my sixth grade teacher told us that we would be having quiet time for reading, and that we should each choose a book from the shelves and start reading. I didn’t  know then that I would be picking up a book that would change the way I saw books.
Maybe I should throw something at that teacher.
Maybe I should give him a medal.
Either way, that was the day I picked up Eragon, and that was the day I fell in love with dragons and with the magical world Christopher Paolini had created. I had no clue when I first picked up that book that I would be taking it home with me and devouring it as quickly as possible. I had no clue that I would be waiting anxiously for the second novel, Eldest, or the third, Brisinger, or, FINALLY, the fourth and final novel in the Inheritance Cycle, Inheritance. Honest. I had no clue.
And now look at what has happened. Here I am, several years later, starting my final year of high school, waiting anxiously and not so patiently for the final book.
After learning that the fourth book finally had a name, cover, description, and RELEASE DATE, I decided that it was time to reread the previous three books. When books are that long and written with detail to rival that of author J.K. Rowling, rereading is a necessity. I’ve just today finished rereading Eragon, which inspired me to finally write this guest post. I’ve been asked to talk about three things, 1) how I think this series will end, or how I want it to end, 2) my favorite character, and 3) why I love this series. Honestly, I’m not sure how I can do this without spoilers. Is it POSSIBLE?
*Three failed tries later*
It’s not. So if any of you losers – ahem, I mean, sadly unedubookcated readers – have yet to read the first three Inheritance Cycle novels, please read no farther, unless you don’t care if a book – or three – have been spoiled for you. That is all. WARNING given.
I shall start with my favorite character. It is pretty hard to choose, obviously, but excluding Eragon and Saphira, who are both a given, I would have to choose Murtagh, with Arya as a close second.
Murtagh is a wonderful character whom I grew to like from his beginning pages. As more and more of his past and of his character became revealed I grew to love and pity him more and more. His character is easily one of the most complicated, and I feel that I will be heartbroken most if more misfortune was to shine his way. After being born as Morzan’s son, then fleeing the Empire with Eragon, only to be taken back to Galbatorix and made a Rider, opposing Eargon, his own half-brother! I truly hope something good happens to him.
On to Arya. While she often irks me with her moodiness, and her tight-lip attitude, she is a strong character, one I’ve come to admire. Girl – uh, elf-girl? – holds her own in a battle, as well as while being captured by Durza the Shade. Though I have to admit she needs a good swift kick – can’t she see that her and Eragon would be the perfect couple?  
As for why I love this series... I could  have made an entire blog post about that alone! There’s so much about this series to love, starting with the characters, ending with a plot so complicated and twisted that it’s difficult to guess as to what Christopher Paolini has in store for his characters. But, I will try.
I’ve heard a lot of people saying that they believe either Roran or Arya or even Nasuada will be the third Rider. I don’t think so. All those options are too obvious. My guess? There has never been a Dwarf Rider, and I think that is about to change. Orik, I believe, will be the Rider of the Green dragon. Maybe I’m way off. Maybe I’m nuts. Maybe it will be Roran or Arya or Nasuada. We wont know until November.
There has also been a lot of talk about Roran becoming the new king. I think this might be in fact, true. Roran, much as I don’t care for him, possesses many qualities of a good king. Just the fact alone that he managed to convince most of Carvahall to follow him to Surda proves that. Ajihad said in book 1 something along the lines of Riders not making good kings. That kings should die with their people, not be immortal. I agree. Immortality would give kings too much time to grow bored with their position, and become uncaring. Roran, as a human, would be a good fit for king. With Katrina and their child at his side, of course.
Speaking of Katrina... I don’t think Eargon’s actions involving Salon will go unnoticed with Roran and Katrina. I believe there will be a falling out of sorts between the cousins.
I think another big questions on people’s minds will be the outcome of the battle between the Empire and the Varden. I think it’s a given. Obviously the Varden will win, but with many deaths on their side. This will not be a repeat of Breaking Dawn, where there is so much buildup for an ending that really isn’t an ending. There WILL be a battle and it WILL be bloody and people WILL die.
As for Galbatorix? Either Eragon or Murtagh will kill him. I haven’t decided who yet, but I’d be happy with either.
Back on the topic of Murtagh for a second. I think he will eventually change his true name, but not until half-way through the book or so. Too soon and it wont be believable, too late and it will be cliche. Also, I want something good to happen to him – love. It seemed as though he might “fancy” (I love that word) Nasuada, but there’s a problem with that. Like Eragon said in the beginning of Brisinger, he is immortal, as is Murtagh. Loving a human woman wont last. She will grow old while he stays young. So either Nasuada becomes a Rider, which I’m not crazy about, or he finds someone else or no one at all. I’m torn on this aspect.
Without even realizing I’ve written over 1000 words, so I think it’s about time I shut up, don’t you? I’m sure you’re getting tired of listening to me rant, so I’ll leave you with this: I have high expectations for Inheritance, and if they aren’t met, I might just sue Paolini for mental distress. Be warned Christopher Paolini!

Robolobolyn’s Universe of Books

Thanks, Robyn, for the fantastic post. =)

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  1. Thanks for giving me the chance to do a guest post! It was a ton of fun! (:


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