Monday, December 26, 2011

Clear That Shelf Readathon

Yes, I know I am already participating in another end of year readathon but how could I possibly resist this one.
Thanks to the awesome Kai of Fiction State of Mind for putting together another great readathon. You can sign-up here.

Readathon runs from today (December 26 to the 31).

I haven't decided upon what I'll read yet, but will post it as I do.

Reading/Listening Now:
Incarceron by Catherine Fisher
The Iliad by Homer, translated by Stephen Mitchell

The Meerkat Wars by H.S. Toshack
The Outcats by John Flanagan
The Silent Oligarch by Christopher Morgan Jones

Last update. It is 11:30 on New Year's Eve and I am calling it. I finished two books and one audiobook and am quite pleased because they were all for review that I hadn't had a hcance to get to yet. Not my best number wise, but still happy.

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