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Blog Tour Guest Vlog: A&E Kirk (authors of Demons at Deanight) + Giveaway

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To day I am very excited to have Alyssa (one of my favorite blogger's and now author) and Eileen (her mom) Kirk, authors of the brilliant Demons at Deadnight, stop by with a vlog. Hope ya'll will enjoy it.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Alyssa and Eileen! Y'all rock!
Will most definitely hvae to give have to give this receipe a whirl...translation, see if I can get one of my sisters to make it (I am not the best person to be cooking). =)
About the authors:
Anyone who says this mother-daughter team doesn’t mesh has only seen them trying to put out the fire from the stupid wires behind the television that should’ve been more clearly labeled.
Alyssa, the A in A&E, has gone from mucking out horse stalls and taping her eyes open during college lectures, to writing novels. When she’s not writing, reading, or running down the halls flapping her coat while singing the Batman theme song, she’s either dancing or immersed in anime.
Eileen has much more class. Even a degree. Fancy. Mother of three lovably peculiar children—all of which like to point out how short she is. Even though she really isn’t—they’re just freaking giants. Happily married, she enjoys escaping like a bat out of hell horseback riding at a leisurely speed around the mountains surrounding their home.

Demons at Deadnight is their debut novel, and currently they’re eating bon bons and watching TV diligently working on the next epic Divinicus Nex adventure.
Now, that y'all have watched their awesome vlog on making "Mrs. Lahey’s Soda Bread". You can check out my review of the awesome Demons at Deadnight and enter win some of the fabulous swag (trust me y'all want this).

How to enter:
Fill out the rafflecopter form at bottom of post (do Not leave your email address in the comments).
Leave on comment on this post. For extra entry comment on my review of Demons at Deadnight.
Giveaway is open internationally. One winner.
What you can win:
Bubbles (who is absolutely adorable), feather hair clip in your choice of color (see if you can spot the feathers in my hair in my next vlog), and an awesome Demons at Deanight poster (you definitely want this).

Don't forget:
To enter to win the Kindle Fire you need to know the secret phrase given out one word at a time by each blog tour host. Put the words together in sequential order and you'll eventually have the secret phrase! Right now you can Tweet and Follow on the AEKIRK Blog Tour Page to get points but starting March 9 (at the end of the tour) you can enter the complete phrase on the AEKIRK Blog Tour Page and earn BIG entry points! Your Kindle Fire will also include your choice of a DEMONS AT DEADNIGHT Skin. Either from the cover, or a Hex Boy group shot or individual "Team" skin of your favorite Hex Hunk!
Today's Secret Word is......

You can haunt Alyssa and Eileen Kirk-
More about Demons at Deadnight-
Purchase Demons at Deadnight-
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  1. Bubbles is so dang cute! :)
    Fun swag ... thank you for the cool giveaway!

  2. This swag is very cool and bubbles really is adorable. :)

  3. Bubbles is so cute! And I just love hair feathers! ♥ Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  4. That was the funniest video I have ever seen! You two crack me up!! I'd love to spend a day with you!


  5. The swag is amazing. Who wouldn't want to win it?!?! ;D

    Great video! Had me giggling along with you both.

  6. Demons at Deadnight sounds amazing! Can't wait to read it :)

  7. Hi!

    Thanks, Bubbles is so cute.

  8. This book looks great, and Bubbles is adorable!

  9. The swag is awesome and Bubbles is just too adorable!

  10. Orchid, thanks for having us. We had a blast doing this video although Jake was supposed to edit much more! Thanks for all your kind words and we hope you all get a chance to have the yummy soda bread!

  11. This is a fantastic giveaway! The swag is very cool!

  12. bubbles is so incredibly cute! who wouldn't want to win this swag?! the feather hair clip and poster are nice too : ) thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  13. I love posters and the feather clip XD

  14. "Soda bread defeated +50exp" << Hahaha!!

    oh my! They are so cute. XD

  15. I love Bubbles! Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Awwww Bubbbbllllessss! What cute give away items!

  17. LOL you guys are hilarious! And bubbles is adorable! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Shae @ Understanding Shae's Story

  18. Seriously...I LURVE that platypus...HE WILL BE MINE! lol :) J/k...but I really need to read this book so I can get in on all the lingo! lol

  19. Great video! Thank you for the giveaway! They look amazing!

  20. I love swag. I also saw the book trailer for the book and wow. I can't wait to read. I have it on my TBR list. Thanks for giveaway!
    - Maritza R


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