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Blog Tour Review: Demons at Deadnight + Giveaway

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Demons at Deadnight (Divinicus Nex Chronicles, 1) A&E Kirk, January 7, 2012. 404 pages. Source: Author.
For seventeen-year-old Aurora Lahey, survival is a lifestyle.
Aurora has the crappiest superpower on the planet. And it’s just unleashed a hit squad from hell. Demons are on the hunt, salivating to carve her carcass into confetti.

The Hex Boys—mysterious, hunky, and notorious for their trails of destruction—have the answers Aurora needs to survive. But their overload of deadly secrets and suspicious motives makes trusting them a potentially fatal move.
The battle to save her family, herself, and stop demonic domination may cost Aurora everything worth living for, and force her to reveal her own dark secrets. But no worries. She needs the Hex Boys to pull this off, and, chances are, teaming up with these guys will get her killed anyway.
First Sentence:
Someone's car was totaled and it wasn't my fault.
When Demons at Deadnight first showed up at my door I could not resist reading the first page just to get a glimpse at the writing style. Well, I ended up getting hooked from the first sentence because it just pulled me and made me want to know what would happen next (had to wait to start it though because I had some other reviews due at the time).

Ya'll know how much I love paranormal books, but after last year I was getting just a little bored with the same storyline and plot, just dressed up a little different. But Demons at Deadnight was like a different, brilliant and just what the genre in general needs...a new persepctive.

If you are looking for an action packed read that will leave you laughing, and that is lacking a love triangle then look no further because Demons at Deadnight is the book you have been waiting for. I loved that Demons at Deadnight had a strong heroine that did not moon over some boy for the vast majority of the book, and that Aurora was no about to let anyone dictate what she should and should not do (i.e. staying on the sidelines and letting someone else deal with the demons).
Part of what made this such a great read was the writing and the authors' ability to just pull me in from the get go, as well, their ability to pull you right into the world of the characters. I loved that I came to care so much for Aurora and the Hex Boys and that the characters were not all doom and gloom about everything.
Aurora is one of those characters that just grabs your entire attention from the very beginning-just look at first sentence of the book and you'll see why. There are many things to like/love about Aurora, she's scarcastic, but not so sarcastic that you want to bop her over the head; she is not about to take the backseat and let people dictate how she is going to live and what she can and cannot do; lastly, she's just an incredibly strong character adn one who I look forward to seeing in book two of The Divinicus Nex Chronicles.
          The Hex Boys, what I really liked about them was their vast differences. I liked that they each had such unique personality and that they were not carbon-copies...or so similar in personality to each other that you could easily forget who was talking.
By far, my favorite of them would have to be Matthias. I myself am kind of shocked at my choice because at first Matthias is not the nicest/easiest to like in the book (he's cold and keeps people at a distence). So, you are probably wondering why I liked him so, well, that would have to be because of what he does for Selena-Aurora baby sister.
Final thoughts on the Hex Boys, really loved the dynamic that they brought to the book and how they played off of each other.

What really made Demons at Deadnight such a great read, for me, is that A&E were able to create a paranormal/supernatural book that was unlike anything I have read in quite sometime. It was original, funny, and had one of the most kick-butt female characters ever. Demons at Deadnight gives me hope for the genre and shows taht there are still new and interesting stories left to be told that do NOT have a love triangle or the leading girl swooning over some immortal dead guy. Ya'll simply must read this one because I have not been this excited over a paranormal book in ages...ages I tell you.

The only draw back to Demons at Deadnight would have to be that I stayed up entirely too late reading it because I could not put it down and was not about to sleep without knowing how things were going to end for Aurora and the Hex Boys. My advice to future readers of D@D would be to start it early because it is a purely addictive read (and don't sit in the cold).

Content (will contain spoilers; highlight to see):
[Demons at Deadnight is a pretty clean read, although there are a few instances of swearing by the characters, but nothing too bad. I was definitely glad that there was not a whole lot of swearing in the book.

As for sexual content, the most that happens in the book is some...intense kissing, so nothing too risque or over the top.

There is a fair amount of scenes that are tense with action and fighting, where many lives are in danger. There's also the "waiting world" which may gross out those who are squeamish.]

Final Verdict: Demons at Deadnight is a refreshing, paranormal thrill ride with one kick-butt MC and definitely worthy of missing some sleep.

Demons at Deadnight earns 5 out of 5 pineapples.

Thanks to the fabulous Alyssa and Eileen, one lucky reader is going to win a copy of one of my favorite books, Demons at Deadnight (ya'll seriously want to win this book) and its international (can either be paperback or ebook, winner's choice).
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  4. Thanks so much for the chance. I want to read this because ive heard such amazing things about it.

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  6. Orchid, thanks so much for an awesome review! We're thrilled you enjoyed D@D. We're sorry it kept you up late but so happy you found it that engaging! Thanks for being part of the tour!

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  16. ps. I'm Shallynn Beerbaum. My computer entered my full name instead of Shall and I didn't notice until after.

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