Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Book News: The Seventh Throne and Tor's Reader's Choice

Y'all, I am extremely excited to pass along some exciting news concerning Stephen Zimmer's The Seventh Throne, published by Seventh Star Press.

Wait for it....

The Seventh Throne took the top spot for best cover art in Tor's Reader's Choice and tied for third with Brandon Sanderson's The Alloy of Law for top novel. How awesome is that?

You can see all the excellent news in more detail in the Press Release section at Seventh Star Press.

Go on, I'll wait till you read the article. So what do y'all think?

Want to see what I thought of The Exodus Gate? You most definitely do, and I should have my review of The Storm Guardians up in the next week or two for y'all to see...just saying. =)

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