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Forbidden Dance 3

Forbidden Dance 3 by Hinako Ashihara, 2004. 192 pages. Published by Tokyopop. Source: Borrowed.

Aya is more confident than ever that she belongs in the—formerly—all-male dance troupe COOL, founded and run by Akira, the boy she's falling in love with. But COOL is at a pivotal time—their anniversary is approaching and funds are running out. Unless Akira can find a sponsor to bring in da' noise and bring in da' funk, COOL will fizzle out!

What I liked the most about this volume is that you get to see a little more of what makes Aya such a great character. I really enjoyed seeing how her confidence has returned as she continued to work her way back to the top of her game. Also the complicated relationship/friendship arguing that happens between Aya and Akira is just plain amusing to me.
The only thing I did not much care for in this volume would have to be the addition of the girl-dancer- from Akira's past. Sure it made things more complicated between Aya and Akira and messed with what could possibly bloom between them, but it just did not really seem a necessary addition to the plot line.

I loved the fact the volume three of Forbidden Dance built more upon the characters and relationships between them. To say I was excited to see things moving forward and that maybe things between Akira and Aya possible leading to more than friends was nice; mainly because the issue has been danced around since the first time they met. While things seem to be moving forward for the two of them I sense many road-blocks before things finally either come together or fall apart once for all in the final volume.

I am still liking the addition of Akira's old flame. I think it adds a little spice to the story since it drives Aya a bit crazy, especially since she idolizes the "new" girl and would like to dance as well as she does.
Forbidden Dance is one series where I haven't noticed much in the way of change in the artwork from volume to volume, that being said, I still enjoyed Hinako Ashihara's style and the way her characters come across in the manga.

One of the things I like best about her drawings are that the lines are very clean and you can easily differentiate between the various characters because their personalities and styles are so different from one character to the next.

Final Verdict: Fobidden Dance 3 so far, my favorite in the series.

Forbidden Dance 3 earns 4 out of 5 pineapples.

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