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Hana-Kimi 2

Hana-Kimi 2 by Hisaya Nakajo, 2004. 200 pages. Published by Viz Media. Source: Library.
High jump champion Izumi Sano has realized that his slender new roommate Miyuki is a girl, but he's decided to keep her secret so she doesn't get kicked out of their allboys' high school. Now they're becoming good friends, without worrying about "guy" or "girl" stuff - or so Miyuki thought until Izumi kissed her one night Before Miyuki has time to freak out, in steps a bigger problem: her American half-brother Shizuki, who's not too thrilled to find out that his little sister is cross-dressing 24 hours a day. But handsome Shizuki has problems of his own...
First Sentence:

60 seconds.

Volume two of Hana-Kimi had me cracking up because it was just so funny.

While the story line did not seem to really move forward int he second volume, I liked that the various characters had a little more interaction between each other, as well, as that things seem to be getting just a little more crazy for the main trio of the series.

I thought it was interesting that in this volume we finally get to see Izumi jump. Mainly because it was interesting because it tied into the whole plot line involving Miyuki and Shizuki, her brother, and how it might just mean the difference between her going home and staying there with Izumi and her new friends.
I thought that adding in a new antagonist (who only what was best for her) was what really made this volume different, and yet just as fun as the previous one. Although, I am still waiting for the day when Miyuki realizes that he knows that she is not a boy (cannot wait to see how that goes over).

I think what I liked the most about the second volume would have to be the addition of Miyuki's older brother, Shizuki, and the way that it complicated things from her. I loved that he was completely against what she was doing because it added a mix some more hilaritity and drama to the series, especially since I am pretty sure that he realized that Izumi knows that Miyuki's a girl and not a boy. While I liked that aspect of the story line, I thought it was nice to see the little change that overtook her brother when Miyuki said she would not return with him.

The one thing that I did not like about this volume would have to be that nothing really just seemed a bit like a filler volume.

While I think that Miyuki is a great character, I cannot believe that she has not realized that Izumi knows that she's a girl and that it's becoming pretty obvious that he likes her. It's kind of funny that she's getting so caught up in being a dude and his friend that at times she forgets the whole reason that she went to Japan. I am hoping that in the next volume that maybe a little something new will happen to her character.

As for Izumi, I actually am starting to kind of like his character. One of the tings that has changed my thoughts on him would have to be how protective of Miyuki he is-mainly because he knows her secret and doesn't want her to get hurt or sent away.
Its definitely interesting to see how much he has changed from the first to second volume of Hana-Kimi, and I look forward to seeing him in the third one.

Nakatsu, still feeling bad for him.

I am starting to warm up to Hisaya Nakajo's drawing. I think that she does a terrific job with the facial expressions of the characters; sometimes just looking at the look on one of her characters faces is enough to make me giggle as I try to guess what is going on without reading the texts.

Final Verdict: Hana-Kimi 2, laugh-out-loud good.

Hana-Kimi 2 earns 4 out of 5 pineapples.

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