Sunday, June 10, 2012


So, I been trying to write this post for ages now, but I just have not had the time to sit down and write it.

As you can guess by the title of the post I am moving, and, will, in all likelihood not be around for a few weeks to a month. Hopefully, no longer than that (but I just don't know).

While I may be missing from the blogosphere, and Twitter, I have scheduled up posts so y'all probably want miss me too terribly much whilst I'm away.

Wish I had more to say, but gosh, I've been running around like a mad-girl for the last two months, and am too bushed to ramble on.

Side note: If you won or traded a book with me, I am trying to get it out in the post this week. I just have not had time to get to the post office recently. Hope y'all can forgive the tardiness.


I read, and am working on replying, to all the comments y'all leave. All comments are moderated by me, so, if you don't see it automatically that's why.
Psst, there is no "Word Verification" on the comments. =)

Keep on being awesome!


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