Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wish List Wednesday

The Dark and Deadly Pool by Joan Lowery Nixon, 2003 (originally published in 1987). Published by Yearling.

Liz enjoys her summer pool job at the glamorous Ridley Hotel. Until the night, a dark and lonely night, a ghasty shadow surges up from the pool. A face -- eyes wide, mouth gaping -- stares at Liz. A hand clutches at her sneaker. Then it, whatever it is, is gone. 
But danger isn't. Strange things are happening at the hotel, and a shaken Liz wants to know why. But whoever is behind the trouble will stop at nothing -- even murder -- to get what he wants...

Why: This is one of my absolute favorite books by Joan Lowery Nixon. It has everything I like, mystery, suspense, and a great MC. 

Check out my review of The Dark and Deadly Pool to see exactly why I love it. 

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