Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wish List Wednesday

The Wig in the Window by Kristen Kittscher, June 18, 2013. Published by Harper Collins Children's Books.

Sophie Young and Grace Yang have made a game of spying on their neighbors, but when they stake out the home of notoriously phony middle school counselor Dr. Charlotte Agford (aka Dr. Awkward), they stumble across a terrifying scene.
Or do they? The girls are convinced that Dr. Agford’s sugary sweet fa├žade hides a dark secret. But as they get closer to the truth about Agford, the strain of the investigation pushes Sophie and Grace farther apart. Even if they crack their case, will their friendship survive?
Perfect for fans of The Mysterious Benedict Society, The Wig in the Window is a smart, funny middle-grade mystery with a Rear Window twist.
Why: I first heard about The Wig in the Window in October and it sounds perfect! The cover is also absolutely adorable. This sounds like it will be just as good as Kim Harrington's Sleuth or Dare series, which I loved.

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