Saturday, January 12, 2013

Best Middle Grade Reads of 2012

Over the year, I have had the opportunity to read some incredible middle grade titles, so I thought what better way to commemorate my favorites then with a list. I'm sure y'all know how much I love making lists, especially ones that are for things I love.

In no particular order, I would love to present my:

My Top 10 Middle Grade Reads:

1. Small Medium at Large by Joanne Levy
This one was just so much fun to read, and so well written that my MG list would be incomplete without including it. I also really loved how well  Joanne Levy captured the voice of Lilah.

2. Sleuth or Dare series by Kim Harrington
I had to include the whole series because this is one that you need to read from start to finish because each of the books is a continuation of the previous one. My other reason for including this series is that Kim Harrington did a killer job with the characters and mysteries within each book.

3. Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom by Chris Healy
One of the reasons I loved this one so much is because Chris Healy took the some of the most popular and well known fairy tales and turned them upside down. It was just so fun and the princes' actually had personality.

4. Nevesink by Barry Wolverton
This was perhaps on the of the funnest and most memorable books that I read last year. I don't usually read books that feature animals as the main characters, but what Barry Wolverton did with this one was create a thrilling read.

5. Liar & Spy by Rebecca Stead (review coming soon)
I loved the emotional depth in this one, and the way that Rebecca Stead was able to capture the the feelings of the character. I also really enjoyed that this one is not what it seems at first.

6. Fourth Stall (series) by Chris Rylander
Chris Rylander's Fourth Stall series has to be the funniest series that I have red in ages. Not only is it funny, but you will love Mac and Vince and the ups and downs of the business.

7. The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls by Claire Legrand (review coming soon)
This one was creepy, disgusting at points, and one of the most enjoyable books I devoured last year. You must check out her writing.

8. Book of Wonders by Jasmine Richards
Jasmine Richards debut was breathtaking. I loved her characters, writing, and the plot from the very beginning and just cannot wait till the next adventurous book she writes.

9. The Cabinet of Earths by Anne Nesbit
Anne Nesbit's writing had me laughing, at the edge of my seat, and even at times made me tearful because the characters were going through so much.

10. Cold Cereal by Adam Rex
This one was a crazy, fun ride. This was one of those books that made me wonder what rock I'd been living under since I had never read anything by him before.

These are my favorite middle grade reads from last year. What were some of y'all's favorite middle grade reads from the past year? Have you read any of the one son my list?

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