Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wish List Wednesday

The Moon by Night (Austin Family, 2) by Madelein L'Engle, Janurary 1, 1963. Published by Laurel Leaf.

Vicky Austin is filled with uncertainties about everything. Her parents call it Vicky's & quot; difficult year.& quot; But fourteen-year-old Vicky is not so consumed with her problems that she can't enjoy the exciting adventures of her family's summer cross-country camping trip.

In the course of their travels Vicky meets Zachary, an intriguing but troubled boy who latches on to Vicky. And still another boy, Andy, altogether different from Zachary, soon becomes his rival.

Far from the comfort and security that the family has always known, and in spite of the trials they encounter on the road, the Austins enjoy each other and the sights from the Atlantic to the Pacific and back again. And for the first time Vicky feels the mixed emotions of friendship and love.
Why: Well, let's see, I love the author's writing and I would really like to finish off my Austin Family collection so that I can re-read the entire series from start to finish.

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