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All About Middle Grade Interview: Erika Kathryn (Author of Audie the Angel and the Angel Army)

Welcome back to another week in the All About Middle Grade Challenge. This week I am excited to welcome Erika Kathryn, author of Audie the Angel and the Angel Army, to the blog to discuss her book. Hope y'all will give her a warm welcome.

About the Author:
Erika Kathryn has her Bachelor's of Science Degree from East Carolina University, major in Criminal Justice, minor in English. She's been dreaming of Angels for over 10 years. She started the story of Audie when she was still in college. She has written several other novels and many poems but none of which pull at her heartstrings the way Audie the Angel does. She is currently working on the journey of Volume 2 for Audie the Angel. When she isn't writing Erika Kathryn reads to her beautiful Angel-Daughter, Kathryn Kay, while residing in Crete, IL.

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1.      Audie sounds like an interesting character, what is going to help her through the changes after she discovers that she is an angel? 
The biggest help to her is Cave.  He’s human and familiar to her and in a lot of ways just overall comforting.  Audie and Cave didn’t really know each other too well in Middle School but after they got to Unicorn Island where Audie learns to use her powers, Cave becomes her closest confidant.   

2.     Why do you think readers will enjoy Audie and her adventures?
I think the biggest thing for readers to enjoy is the fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat, quests that Audie and the Angel Army go on.  There is danger and excitement around every corner and this is not a version of Heaven that anyone is expecting!    

3.     Would you mind sharing with us why you chose to write about angels? What do you think it is about angels that makes them so popular to write about?
I actually started the story of Audie over ten years ago.  At the time there were a lot of stories coming out about wizards and so Angels really weren’t that popular.  Now, it seems the more popular topics are Vampires and Zombies.  However, there are a few Angel tales out there as well. 

I chose to write about them because they are wholesome.  And I love the idea of Angels having quirks and imperfections just like Humans.  I think the biggest reason for me is because I believe in them and I love the fact that there is an untapped, unknown element about them and the possibility of an entire new world right above us that is yet to be explored.

4.     So, Erika, what makes Audie the Angel and the Angel Army so special to you? Anything about the series that you enjoyed writing the most?
I just adore the characters.  I really get into their different personalities and I am a huge fan of adventure.  Anything make-believe and fantasy, I am just all over it.  I enjoyed writing the second Volume: Audie the Angel and the Aging Plague even more because I included Zombies in it which I am a huge fan of.     

5.     Everyone seems to have a couple of books that helped to shape who they are, so, I was wondering if there are any books that helped to shape who you are today? 
I would have to say Harry Potter shaped me the most.  It truly inspired me to pick back up reading and writing.  

6.     If you could wake up and find one of your biggest fears gone, which would it be? What about this fear scares you? 
Biggest fears would be sharks, heights, and geese I think.  I’d probably like to get rid of the fear of heights, because sometimes it can hinder what you do.  I literally get dizzy when I am high up and it’s definitely prevented me from being adventurous in some cases.  

7.      I hear one of your pet peeves is the dreaded fanny pack. Would you care to elaborate on why you dislike them? 
(Laughing*) I guess they have their conveniences but that is a fad I hope never comes back! 

8.     The world has fallen to a robot invasion and only one heroine/hero can possibly save the day, who do you choose? 
I would choose Audie.  Even without the rest of the Angel Army she can hold her own and she has a natural talent for her powers.  She is sassy and smart and could definitely take out those robots!   

9.     Care to tell us about your writing cave (include picture if you want)?
It is my bedroom hands-down!  I love to be comfortable and write while I’m sitting in bed.  I can’t tell you how important being comfortable is to the creative flow!  My room is a pale gray/blue color with navy blue velvet curtains, mirrored bedside tables, and a navy semi-flush chandelier.  It’s a pretty perfect spot to write.    

10. Any upcoming projects that you can share with us? 
Yes!  I am currently in the editing process with a Chick Lit novel that I am contracted with The Wild Rose Press on.  I am doing a happy dance every time I think of it getting published.  I am also writing the third and final installment of The Angel Archives: called Audie the Angel and the Afterworld, and if that’s not keeping me busy enough, I am also writing another Chick Lit novel.  I feel like I was born to multi-task, because I’m not satisfied if I don’t have a couple of projects going on at once!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Orchid for having me here!  It’s a fantastic site! 

Please stop by and see me on the official Audie the Angel website: or my middle grade book blog: 

Erika, thank so much for stopping by. I enjoyed reading your answers and hope that all my readers did too. Harry Potter is definitely a great read (or re-read).

Audie the Angel and the Angel Army (The Angel Archives, 1) by Erika Kathryn, 2012.
Audie, a seemingly typical twelve-year-old girl, is summoned from her middle school one day. She travels through a windmill farm and brought to an island where she’s told that she is actually an Angel and, more importantly, that she is of Phoenix descent. She is the pivotal and final member of an assembly of others her age, called The Angel Army. The army includes Luce—the dangerously handsome dark Angel predestined to fall from Heaven—and Cave—a stowaway from Earth who is crushing on her hard—as well as eight Angels with magical talents, a feisty Fairy, and a nimble gnome. Audie’s ordinary life becomes drastically different as she transforms; she sprouts gold wings, receives a halo passed on from the mother she never met, and her fellow Angels teach her to use her hand-me-down Phoenix powers. However, before she even learns to fly she is told of the real reason she is needed: an evil Elder Angel has discovered a way to dominate Heaven. Haunted by dreams of her past Phoenix life, puzzled by her feelings for both the charming Luce and her human friend Cave, Audie has to conquer her newfound powers quickly because the future of Heaven rests on her wings. Can she fight against flying Dare Demons, the Marsh Master, the Frost Fairy, and Evil Souls to save Heaven? Can Audie change destiny and save Luce from falling to his fate?

Don't forget, you can now also purchase the sequel Audie the Angel and the Aging Plague.

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