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Interview with Author Angela Shelton (Tilda Pinkerton's Magical Hats): Blog Tour

Today, I am very excited to welcome Angela Shelton, author of Tilda Pinkerton's Magical Hats, back to the blog.

About the Author:
Angela Shelton is an author, actor, blogger and public speaker. She has been writing since she was eight years old. Her first novel was adapted into the movie Tumbleweeds. Angela won a regional Emmy award for her portrayal of Safe Side Superchick in The Safe Side video series created by Baby Einstein’s Julie Clark and America’s Most Wanted’s John Walsh. After living in Los Angeles for over a decade, Angela left the big city for a one-light country town to marry her first love and fulfill her dream of writing books in a barn house.

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1. Can you tell readers a little about what they can expect in Tilda Pinkerton's latest adventure?

The beginning reader books of Tilda take her on a journey with her Magical Hat Shop after she’s already arrived to Earth!  The bigger books for more advanced readers tell how she got from the Sombrero Galaxy to Earth.

In the first of the small books, you see the set up of how Tilda’s hat shop magically appears near the home of people who need her magical hats.

2. Angela, What is it about Tilda that makes her so special to you as a writer? Why do you think readers will love diving into Tilda Pinkerton's adventures?

I love Tilda Pinkerton and find her to be special because she is complex. There’s a reason why she makes magical hats in the first place and it is all centered around a massive flaw that she has – or thinks she has.

I think everyone can relate to an insecurity or two. In the smaller chapter books, Tilda is all about helping each child hero in the book overcome whatever fears they have and be their own heroes of the stories.

3. Why magical hats?

I love hats so much. I have a serious thing for hats. I even have a very large collection of them so hats are right up my alley!  I’d love to bring back the hat!

4. What do you hope readers will take away with them after reading Tilda Pinkerton's Magical Hats? Anything that you hope readers will learn from her?

I hope that young readers will take a way the realization that just because they are kids, doesn’t mean they can’t accomplish great things. I hope parents take that away too!

5. I always love hearing about what books authors love, so, could you tell us about three of your favorite magical filled books? Why are they counted among your favorite reads?

A Wrinkle in Time is probably my top favorite because it blew my mind at the time and I still find it to be one of the most enlightened books I’ve read. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe series is right up there too. I could go on and on about how much I loved those books.  I love the visualizations they inspire, the worlds they create and the morals.

6. Are there any authors you would love to meet and talk books with?

Tom Robbins! He remains my favorite author and I think I’d be speechless to meet him actually.

7. What is the best thing about your hometown?

The food and the view of the mountains!

8. The world has fallen to a robot invasion and only one heroine/hero can possibly save the day, who do you choose?

Wonder Woman!

9. Care to tell us about your writing cave?

It’s not so much a cave as it is a very long wide front porch with a lovely view of our property.

10. Any upcoming projects that you can share with us? 

There are more than 20 books planned for the younger reader’s chapter books and five for the advanced reader books. I’m also working on a TV show called Chocolate Gravy that will be revealed shortly. That’s a fun one!

Angela, thanks so much for stopping by and chatting about Tilda Pinkerton's Magical Hats. Love that A Wrinkle in Time and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe are on your list of favorites (they're some of my favorites, too).

Don't forget, y'all can see my review of Tilda Pinkerton's Magical Hats.

Tilda Pinkerton's Magical Hats by Angela Shelton, April 1, 2013. Published by Quiet Owl Books.
Eleven-year-old Madison Mae and her younger brother, Albert, want to help save the family farm during troubled times. When a mysterious Magical Hat Shop appears by their grandpa's red tractor mailbox, the children meet Tilda Pinkerton who presents them with one-of-a-kind hats, causing new ideas and talents to suddenly burst forth. As a flood of harm comes rushing towards the farm, Tilda Pinkerton teaches the children how they can accomplish much more than anyone ever imagined. 

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