Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wish List Wednesday

Angel Isle (The Ropemaker, 2) by Peter Dickinson, October 9, 2007. Published by Wendy Lamb Books.
ONCE THE 24 MOST powerful magicians in the Empire pledged to use their magic only to protect the people. But the promise that bound them has now corrupted them. They have become a single terrible entity with a limitless desire for domination. Only the Ropemaker may be able to stop them, but he has not been seen for over 200 years. Into this dangerous world come Saranja, Maja, and Ribek. They seek the Ropemaker so that he might restore the ancient magic that protects their valley. It is the task they were born to, but now it seems there is far more than the valley at stake should they fail. . . .
Why: Okay, so The Ropemaker has long since been a favorite of mine and when I finally read Angel Isle I fell in love again with the world and the writing of Peter Dickinson. While I have already read Angel Isle, it is one that I have long wanted to add to my collection.

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