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Eternal Dreams: The Curse of Memories: Blog Tour Review

Eternal Dreams: The Curse of Memories by Christopher Compton, May 21, 213. Published by VirtualBookworm. Source: Blog tour.
Eternal Dreams is a fiction fantasy tale about six teenage friends who escape into a dream world to hide away from the horrors of their own lives, only to find that reality is catching up to them anyway. Drephoria, the name of the stunning dream world created from their collective minds, will test the limits of their friendship, break the balance between good and evil and prove the true value of memories and the imagination. The first book in the trilogy, "The Curse of Memories," focuses on the central character Kail and his dark past, told through memories, while simultaneously introducing the rest of his friends (known as The Inseparable Six) and the other strange and deadly inhabitants of Drephoria. Pitted against the dark queen Malise and her legendary allies known as The Forgotten Four, Kail and his friends must rid their world of evil before they lose themselves forever. Nostalgic, thrilling, heart-breaking, and consistently memorable, Eternal Dreams is a fantasy at its finest.
First Sentence:
“You’ll never believe what I found,” a familiar voice whispered to me. 

Eternal Dreams: the Curse of Memories was an okay read, but the story would have benefited, extremely, from more editing. While the premise of the story was definitely interesting and unique in itself, the writing is kind of muddled with sentences that are entirely too long to convey a short thought. Christopher Compton’s book definitely has promise with its interesting theme, it just needs some polishing.
   While this is labeled as fantasy, I would say it’s more fiction bordering on science fiction.

Okay, so, the general plot line for this book was original and something I’m pretty sure I have yet to read before. What I liked the most about the whole idea of the characters entering this world ruled by their dreams and memories was that the rules were pretty non-existent, which made for some crazy times as you got to see the inner thought processes for each of the characters and the baggage they carried.
   So, while the plot line was fascinating, in theory, I felt that the finding of the place was just a little too convenient to be believable.  What I’m trying to say is, a mysterious castle like structure that one of the six discovers while they’re camping, with no lead up, is just a little too unexplainable to be workable for my taste. It felt too easy.

While I did have my problems with this book, I would like to share with y’all what I enjoyed about it. The thing that kept me reading Eternal Dreams: The Curse of Memories was Kail’s story. Even though I found him to be a difficult character to get into, I enjoyed his story because he had so much he needed to work through involving his lack of trust in those he cared about. If you stick it out to end of this book, I promise you that you’ll be enthralled by the reversal that his character undergoes during his ordeal in the dream world.

 I’ll try to tell you why the writing did not win me completely over in this book…without being too harsh of a critic.
   So, there are two reasons, two very big reasons, which kept me from truly enjoying this complex and fascinating, plot. The first of which was that the author, on many occasions, too entirely too many words to express a thought that could have justly been done in less time. While I’m not trying to be mean, I felt that if the author had cut-to-the-chase on about 75% of the sentences the story would have had a better flow to it and would have given the entire story a sharper feel.
    My second problem with this book was the characters names. They were just a little too strange. Especially when you take into consideration that there were six oddly names characters to keep track of. Honestly, when I was not actively reading the book I had the hardest time recalling their names, which bothered me.

As for the content of this one, there are only a couple of swear words. I don’t think there were more than five throughout the entire book.

Final Verdict: Eternal Dreams: The Curse of Memories – While set in a dream world, the things that makes this book tick is that it is in essence a book about fighting ones inner demons and moving forward.

Eternal Dreams: The Curse of Memories earns 3 out of 5 pineapples.

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