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Skeleton & Dust Review + Author Playlist

About the author:
Rhiannon is an up and coming Indie Author that writes Young Adult Fantasy books and some non fiction. She has a PhD in Metaphysical Science and Parapsychology. When she’s not writing books she’s reading minds, singing karaoke, burning dinner and sipping iced cappuccino despite her allergy to coffee. Some day she’d like to own a unicorn—as long as it doesn’t eat her. She's sold over 50,000 copies of her books worldwide. You can find her at

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Skeleton & Dust Playlist

Can you share your playlist from writing ‘Skeleton & Dust’ ?

I actually didn’t use a lot of songs when writing Skeleton & Dust, but here are the top three that I listened to while in the trenches.

1. Wolf and I by Oh Land

The lyrics to this piece and the feel of the music really bring you into Tempia and the weird land I created here. I really believe this is the theme song for this book.

2. Until We Bleed by Lykke Li

Another beautiful and sad song. I listened to this during a lot of the quieter scenes in this novella.

3. Snuff by Slipknot

Not much for their masks and on stage presence, or for their grunting lyrics but this song, this song isn’t like the others that they’ve done and it’s pretty.


Skeleton & Dust (The Ferryman and the Flame, 3.5) by Rhiannon Paille, August 19, 2013. 100 pages.
In the First Era, before Kaliel and Krishani fell in love, Tor runs. He escapes the Land of Kings and the tyrannical Valtanyana. In the depths of Tempia he forges weapons-- The Flames-- strong enough to oppose the Kings he betrayed.

Aria, The Amethyst Flame, cannot touch the living or the dead and her kin are silent ghosts. Hidden in a cairn deep in the haunted forest, Aria becomes obsessed with the Ferryman, the only boy who can feel her touch.

Before Aria knows it, The Flames, The Ferryman and Tor are swept up in the first war against the Valtanyana. 
First Sentence:
Tor never told them who he was or what he was running from.
*As I write this, I'm a little on the allergy side, so, I hope that my review makes sense.*

Skeleton & Dust was more first taste of Rhiannon Paille's writing, and I must say that it was pretty awesome. While I may have felt a little lost in regards to the characters and overall story line, I enjoyed reading this one because her writing was so good and made me forget that I haven't read any of the other books.

I know, I already said how much I enjoyed Rhiannon Paille's writing in the intro to my review, but let me tell you why I enjoyed it as much as I did.
  The world within Skeleton & Dust was so vividly written that one could easily see it. The author's ability to bring the setting to life was most notable when she brought in the antagonists that Tor had been running from. While the name escapes me at the moment, they were so well done that their depiction was almost chilling because they literally seemed like something that would be in someone's nightmares.

While I was unfamiliar with the characters in Skeleton & Dust and how they played into the grand scheme of the series, I really enjoyed reading about them because the author did such a great job of breathing life into them and their individual stories. Even though most of the story was told from Tor's POV, I thought Aria totally stole the show.
  The thing that made Aria such an interesting character is because she was an anomaly within the world. But what really made her story interesting is that she knew she did not fit in, yet was trying to find her place. Yeah, as I sure y'all know by now, those are the types of characters I usually like the most.

What I ended up enjoying most about Skeleton & Dust, besides the writing, would have to be Aria and the Ferryman. I guess, the thing I enjoyed the most about the two of them is that they complimented each other so well; and because their short story just made one feel lots of things since they were both trapped in their own way. Just take my word on this, it is quite the fascinating read.

Even though I really enjoyed this novella, the one thing that kept me from giving it a full five pineapples is that there where times when I felt like I was missing something. That something would have to be knowledge of the series and the connections, backstories for some of the characters mentioned. So, even though, I was at times confused Skeleton & Dust in the end makes enough sense that you could read it without prior knowledge of the rest of the series.

Skeleton & Dust earns 4 out of 5 pineapples.

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