Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wish List Wednesday

The Far Side of Evil (Elana, 2) by Sylvia Engdahl, January 13, 2005 (originally published in 1971). Published by Firebird.
Elana, newly graduated from the Federation Anthropological Service Academy, is sent immediately into danger on the planet Toris-a world poised on the brink of nuclear war. She is ordered to merely observe, and must not reveal her alien origin or interfere with the planet's natural course of evolution. But how can she stand by and watch? Her fellow agent, Randil, is not properly trained to work in the field, and his compassion for the Torisians may lead him to intervene. Yet his very actions may bring about the holocaust that he is so desperately trying to prevent. Elana must make a crucial decision: side with a renegade agent, or stop him at any cost. . . . 
Why: First off, I had no idea that there was a sequel to Enchantress from the Stars, but I am definitely alright with that since it follows Elana's story after she graduates from the academy. My biggest reason for being interested in reading The Far Side of Evil is that I'm curious to see how Elana will handle her responsibilities and how she will have changed.

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