Saturday, November 2, 2013

Feature: Galactic Cross T-Shirt

Thought I'd start the weekend off with something a little different than usual. Usually, I post solely about books...with the exception of the first year of blogging where I reviewed a whole bunch of superhero movies that I owned. So, I bet y'all are wondering what does she have in mind that is not bookish, well, my lovely readers I'll show you.

Starting today, a couple Saturdays out of the month I am going to share one or more items that my sister has designed for her Zazzle shop, All Was Bright. Now, I'm not doing this simply because she's my sister, but because I love what she has created and want to give y'all a chance to check out her shop.

Galactic Cross

Don't forget, you can check out the Galactic Cross shirt, as well, as all her other designs at All Was Bright.

Tell me, what do you think of Galactic Cross shirt?

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