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ARC Review: The Fellowship for Alien Detection

The Fellowship for Alien Detection by Kevin Emerson, February 26, 2013. 432 pages. Published by Walden Pond Press. Source: publisher.
Two kids from opposite sides of the country find themselves on a road trip to save the world from an impending alien attack - and bolster their middle-school transcripts in the process.

First came the missing people, missing time events, and untraceable radio signals. Then came Juliette, Arizona, a town that simply disappeared from existence. Suffice it to say, something strange is going on. Enter Haley and Dodger, two kids from opposite sides of the country who both think they can prove that these unexplained phenomena have a very real cause: aliens, and they are about to discover that their fledgling theories about extraterrestrial life are one-hundred-percent accurate.

Having each been awarded a Fellowship for Alien Detection (a grant from a mysterious foundation dedicated to proving aliens have visited earth), Haley and Dodger and their families each set off on a cross-country road trip over summer vacation to figure out what is happening in towns across America. They soon realize that the answers to many of their questions lie in the vanished town of Juliette, AZ, but someone, or something, is doing everything in its power to ensure they never reach it. If Haley and Dodger don't act quickly, more people may go missing, and the world as we know it may change for the worse.
First Sentence:
Suza Raines was getting suspicious.
Kevin Emerson's The Fellowship for Alien Detection was one of the books that saw me through the long drive from Texas back to North Carolina earlier in the year. So, why am I just now writing my review, well, that's because I enjoyed it so much that I couldn't not find the words till now.

Two characters with grants from a mysterious foundation, a missing town, plus a cross-country road trip what could possibly go wrong? Anything and everything. Kevin Emerson's story had me from the very first page because they was so much possibility in the story-line and characters' personal stories.

Dodger and Haley, they were both enjoyable characters to read about. While I enjoyed both of them, Dodger was definitely my favorite because I loved his backstory and how his father was just trying to reconnect with him during their trek across the country. Other than a general love for Dodger's story and his slight kookiness, I cannot tell you why else I loved reading about him because of "spoilers".
  Haley, what really made her interesting is because this whole summer trip and grant was, in short, out of character for the her you meet in the beginning of the book. And, I do believe that is what makes her story so interesting.

When it came to reading Kevin Emerson's The Fellowship for Alien Detection, it was his writing and ability to craft a well rounded and interesting story that drew me in. Seriously, I never thought I'd enjoy reading a book that centered around the detection of aliens (trust me, I read one book to do with Area 51 that was a dud). But Mr. Emerson was able to make the story-line both interesting and unique with his two protagonists, Dodger and Haley, as they embarked on their separate yet intertwining summer adventures to discover the secret behind Juliette, AZ.

Since it has been quite some time since I read The Fellowship for Alien Detection, I seem to be unable to recall anything I may have found unfavorable about it. While there is nothing that comes to mind months later that I did not like about the story, writing, or characters there was just one thing that gave me goosebumps...if memory serves, Haley had a thing for soy shakes and that is just wrong (okay, I have a thing against all things soy being that I'm allergic). In the end, I cannot think of a single bad thing about this book when it comes to what matters in a story.

Final Verdict: The Fellowship for Alien Detection- Excellent writing, characters, and story. Just an all-around entertainingly fun read.

The Fellowship for Alien Detection earns 4.5 out of 5 pineapples.

This book was received for an honest review from the publisher.

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