Saturday, January 4, 2014

All About Middle Grade 2014

That's right, All About Middle Grade is back for it's second year. I had such a great time hearing about and talking to all the amazing middle grade authors last year that I couldn't see not doing it again this year. I'll be updating and tweaking things over the next few days while I recover from this cold, but fear not, if I missed your request for an interview last year you'll be getting the "all important" email with questions over the next could days weeks.

I really hope that this year can be just as well, strike that, even better than last year. I am looking forward to sharing my love of middle grade books and the amazing authors behind them throughout the year. Now that I'm settled with high odds of no moving in the future, I am ready to get this middle grade shindig going. *cues party music and bad dancing*

Authors and publishers, if you have any questions about the AAMGC or have a title you would like reviewed, please, feel free to email me at: hauntingorchid(at)aol(dot)com.  This is open to all traditional and self-published middle grade authors/books. Only MG books I cannot accept for review are ebooks, but feel free to sign up for an interview regardless.

For the details from last year, visit the All About Middle Grade page.  

Want to catch up on some of last year's middle grade interviews and reviews. *bam*


  1. I'm not a big Middle Grade reader, but I do enjoy one here and there. I'll have to stalk this challenge this year. I have a friend though, who will be all over it and I'm totally sending her this link. Good luck :-)

    1. Thank so much for passing on the link to your friend. Well, I am glad that you do like the occasional middle grade book.


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