Thursday, January 16, 2014

Life of a Blogger: The Craziest Thing You've Ever Done

I am sad that I missed last weeks "Life of a Blogger", so, I am bound and determined to get this week's question answered.

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 This week's question:
The Craziest Thing You've Ever Done?

 Okay, so I don't have any photographic proof, but the craziest thing I have done is tent camping for 17 straight days. You heard me right. Summer of 2012, we had moved out of our house but still had some things to finish up in town before hitting the road to head to Texas. Well, the weather was nice and we had all this camping gear that we hadn't used in a couple years, so, we spent the next couple weeks camping.

While it may not have been camping out in the woods with no facilities, it had it's crazy moments. Like when we went up to Virginia (still camping in the heat and humidity) and ended up spending the night in the car because the storms were so bad. That was after a couple hours spent huddled in the brick bath house because of the tornado warnings that were just miles away.

So maybe not crazy, but that many days of camping in extreme heat in tents is something I will not be forgetting any time soon. Even though it was uncomfortable at times, it was quite fun because we trekked to Busch Gardens, which was such a blast, especially all the thrill rides; drove up to D.C. for the day to visit the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, the basilica was...there really are no words to describe my feelings upon being there. It was just so peaceful, and all the shrines were unforgettable.

Only other "crazy" thing I can think of was the time we visited three amusement parks in three days. A few years ago, while living in California, we visited Six Flag's, Disneyland, and Disney's California Adventure. everyone was exhausted when we finally arrived back home. Pretty sure I rode every big coaster each of the parks had to offer (I'm a thrill ride junkie).

So, what is "The Craziest Thing You've Done?"


  1. Oh gosh, this reminds me of camping when I was younger. We used to go camping turning the summer holidays and when I was young my mom's side of the family owned a camper (I know, not technically "camping", just bare with me!) in a campground. We spent so much time there it was kind of like a second home. There was one time that there were some bad storms heading our way an a tornado had come only a mile away from the campground. When the announcement hit, we all took off running to the bath houses. My aunt loves to tell this story because I was so young and as we were running, with her in front, she had turned around and started to slow down so I could catch up and I was right on her heals. Clearly, I was terrified. I mean, who wouldn't be with a tornado about to hit? But she still found a rather humorous that a small little girl was keeping up with a grown woman running at close to full speed. That's what you call an adrenaline rush lol

    1. Thank you for sharing your camping story! I bet we can all agree that tornado warnings while camping are the worst!

  2. Wow!! I've gone camping for extended periods before, but never in a tent! We have always had motor homes and campers in our family, so we did a lot of traveling and camping in those. I used to be in Girl Scouts (couldn't tell now haha) and we had a few outings where we camped for a long weekend in these tent/cabin things. I miss camping!

    Three amusement parks in three days?! Sounds amazing even if tiring!!

    1. But that means y'all had lovely AC and a dry place out of the rain. Whether camper or motor home or tent, camping is camping because you're away from home.

      I used to be in Girl Scouts, too. Although, mine never did anything of interest.

  3. I love camping in a tent, but I don't think I'd want to do it for 17 days.

    1. Yeah, it was definitely an adventure. Not sure if I'd want to tent camp for that amount of time again.


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