Friday, January 3, 2014

Life of a Blogger: Non-Bookish Hobbies

So, today I've been seeing all these posts for "Life of a Blogger" and wanted to know if everyone just had the same thought or what. After tracing it back to the source, Novel Heartbeat, and seeing the interesting questions, I've decided to jump in. Here's what I'm doing when not blogging.

Forgive the crummy pictures, I'm still getting over a cold and the lighting is not too good.

Life of a Blogger, is a meme hosted by Jessi of Novel Heartbeat.
This week's question is: Non-Bookish Hobbies. 
Running is my number one go to when I'm not reading or blogging. Alas, I only get to run when I'm not knocked out from seasonal allergies, which unfortunately is most of the time. There's really nothing better then hitting the road to clear out the cobwebs. It also works wonders for de-stressing.


Since gaming systems are so expensive, I'm still gaming on a first gen Nintendo DS (you know the bulky silver thing). Sorry for the crummy picture, these are just some of my most-played games- Ace Attorney, Castlevania, Trace Memory, Rise of the Imperfects, and Dementium the Ward.

I ended up adopting my Dad's Xbox when he quit needing it after his final tour of duty on a Cutter (he really preferred ship duty to being stuck in the office). Couple of my favorites mixed with some that I'm almost done with.

Sadly, I don't get to game as much as I'd like. Not just because I don't have the time, but because the DS and Xbox have seen a lot of wear over the years.

Bet y'all didn't see that one coming. I've actually only vaguely started sewing a year ago, but it's something that I have greatly enjoyed. Odd things is that sewing is the only creative medium that I have had any luck with. Drawing, painting, knitting and such things do not agree with me.

I don't have a picture for this last one, but Archery is the final hobby that I do. Personally, I am all about the recurve bow. Archery is both relaxing and exhilarating; also so easy to get started on.
Almost forgot one...nerding out with sisters and crazy idea/discussions about Doctor Who and the timey whimey things.

Know you know some of the things I enjoy when not reading. Tell me, what non-bookish hobbies keep you entertained?


  1. I'm a runner too. Ooh, archery is an unusual one. You're probably the only one answering the question who will say archery. :)

    1. That's awesome that you're a runner as well! =)

  2. I keep trying to be a runner, because I read so much about how good of a stress reliever it is, but it never works. :( I go and run around or walk with running intervals because I'm a wuss with no stamina, but I can never stick with it. I'm glad you enjoy it though. Maybe one day I'll get the hang of it.

    1. I'm sure you can do it!

      Have you tried starting something like C25K, it slowly increases the running intervals so you have a chance to increase your stamina for the longer portions later on in the program.

  3. How neat that you sew. I have a sewing machine but have never used it. I should go and take lessons and learn how. I find it interesting how many bloggers (book bloggers) are gamers too!! Fun! Here is my: Non-Blogger Hobbies


    1. I'm still really new to sewing, but I find it to be soothing in an odd way. Never really thought it be something I would be interested in doing though.

  4. I wish I could run and sew T.T
    I suck at sewing and I hate doing it - my mom is an awesome sewer and quilter, but I just didn't inherit that gene sadly.
    And I'm horribly out of shape, so I can run like 20 feet and be out of breath *hangs head in shame*

    Thanks for joining!
    Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat

    1. I believe you could do it; running. I'm going to have to start from the beginning again (with running), I'm currently not allowed to because of my knee. T_T


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