Saturday, February 15, 2014

Loveathon Interview Swap with Christina @ My Life in Books

Today marks the begging of the Book Blogger Love-A-Thon, hosted by Katlyn of Tales of Books and Bands and Alexa of Alexa Loves Books. *yay*

I am very excited to be participating for the first time this year (this is the first time I had the opportunity). Also, I am so excited to be introducing y'all to Christina and her wonderful blog My Life in Books. I hope y'all with give her a very warm welcome.

In seven words, why do you enjoy blogging?
New friends and great books all together

Last book you wanted/did throw across the room in disgust?
I haven’t been truly disgusted with a book since I read the Twilight series. And those, I can assure you, got tossed right out on their grammatically incorrect and misogynistic spines. 

If you could choose, which Disney princess would you be and why?
This is totally cheating but I’m going to say a mix of Belle, Elsa, and Megara. Belle for her love of books and loyalty. Elsa for her reserved demeanor that hides a lot of personal fears. Megara for her wit and cynicism. 

Author that made you fall in love with reading?
I’ve loved reading for as long as I can remember so I’m not really sure who was the first author…but I’ll take a stab in the dark and say the Nancy Drew mysteries by Carolyn Keene. I was OBSESSED with this series until my 4th grade teacher told me that if I wrote another book report on it she wouldn’t count it, hahaha. 

Time for some fill-in-the-blank fun: "When I'm not reading I enjoy doing _________?"
The internet? No really. When I’m not reading I’m working on posts, tweeting, catching up with blogs I follow, listening to music, watching YouTube videos, pinning, tumbling, and somewhere between all that I manage to work, eat, and sleep. I really should pick a weekend and unplug! 

Least favorite literary trope?
I don’t know if this is a trope so much as a trend, but romances that steamroll plot, characters, and anything else in its way. I like hot make-out scenes and implied intimacy as much as the next girl, but don’t sacrifice it for all the really important literary aspects. Especially when it means compromising a character’s true nature to make the romance work. Just no.

Why do you blog?
I really started blogging as a way to keep up with book trends and help my own potential career in the publishing business. While this is still my hope, blogging has become an outlet for my reading passion and a forum to meet other readers like myself. I don’t know what I’d do without it now!

Create a five track soundtrack for your current read
Intro - The xx
Speed of Sound - Coldplay
The Ends - The Naked and Famous
Demons - Imagine Dragons
Follow Me - Muse
The Flight of the Silvers (this is my Spotify playlist if you want to add it)

Genre you are tired of reading?
Honestly, straight-up romance novels; I used to read them like crazy when I was a teen. I’m finding more and more that if I need a steamy little bedroom scene, all I have to do is pull up some fan fiction. Instead of reading an entire 200+ page book to get to the juicy bits (pun intended), I just have to read a five, maybe ten page fanfic about characters I already know and love. 

The world has fallen to a robot invasion and only one heroine/hero can possibly save the day, who do you choose? 
Hermione? No, that’s too expected and same with Katniss. I’m gonna fall back on an old standby because I’ve been feeling the Tortall love lately and say Sir Alanna of Pirate’s Swoop and Olau (formerly of Trebond). Not only is she a sworn knight with skills in sword fighting, daggers, martial arts, horseback riding, archery, and tracking but she’s a healer as well. I’m sure a warrior like her could learn how to use a gun in no time and start kicking some robot butt. 

Seems so wrong that your teacher wouldn't let you continue writing reports on a series you loved! Loved that you consider yourself to be more than one Disney Princess, Christina (I think we can safely agree that being just one is too unlikely). =)

Want to learn more about Christina and her blog My Life in Books, then be sure to check it out.


  1. I feel bad, I don't know 2 of those dinsey princesses mentioned! I'm a failure!

    And I think I agree with you straight romance books, though I tend not to read enough of them to get sick of them. They're just not really my thing. I need something more to ground the romance in.

    And just because I fail at Blogspot comments and having them link to the right account, here's my blog to help you figure out who I am! :P Playing Jokers

    1. Technically Megara isn't an official Disney princess and Elsa is new (she's from Frozen), so I cheated...a lot. As for romance, I've just discovered over the years that I like romance as a subplot.

  2. Belle, Elsa and Megara? What a winning combination! The qualities you mentioned make perfect sense. Also, I was obsessed with Nancy Drew growing up, even though the books scared me too (when she got into scary situations)! AND I love, love, love that you picked Alanna -- fellow Pierce fan, for the win!

    Great interview, Orchid.

    1. Hahaha, it's so cool that we have so much in common! I'm always pleasantly surprised to find other Pierce fans, there aren't nearly enough in my opinion :)

    2. Thanks, Alexa!

      I agree that Belle, Elsa and Megara are quite the combination.

  3. What a wonderful combination of Disney princesses :D I'm definitely a part Belle and perhaps a bit social akward like Anna from Frozen - or Rapunzel. I still haven't figured that out :D I'm surprised Hermione wasn't picked a lot today, I never considered her.. Stupid, because she would be great!


    1. I thought that everyone would choose her so I tried to go a different route. Shows how much I know, right! :)

  4. It was so nice to learn a little more about Christina! I am also an internet junkie! I go to work, take care of my brothers, eat, & sleep but when I'm not doing those things, you can find me online lol! I also ADORE the princesses she picked. Those are some good ones :)

  5. Yes I agree about the Twilight series! I always say that I could never even read the first one once I read that "the light shone greenly through the trees". It was too much for the English major part of me.


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