Saturday, March 15, 2014

Let's Talk About: Why I Re-Read

Alright, so, if you follow me on Twitter then you probably already know how much I enjoy revisiting a book I have already read. It doesn't matter if it's my second or twentieth time reading said tome. So, I decided that today, I want to talk about the pros and cons of re-reading and share my personal thoughts on re-reading; and get you to weigh in with why you do or don't re-read.

While there are always new books to be read and an never-ending TBR stack (or four) to be tackled, I cannot help but find myself going back every now and again to some of my favorite books. Maybe it's because I like knowing that I'll love it, or maybe I just enjoy going back to and world and characters that left an impression on me. Whatever the reason, I, personally, think we should do just as much re-reading as keeping up with the newest releases.

There's one thing I believe we forget when reading. That books, especially the good ones, are meant to be read time and time again. Because there is always something new to be discovered in that well loved book that you felt the need to re-visit yet again.
   Take Harry Potter and the Chronicles of Narnia, I have read both series countless times (usually every year) and there's always something new I notice about the world, plot line, characters, or world building that I missed in a previous pass. Or even something that just hits me either fin the heart or head and makes me think about how it could pertain to real life. I know, that last one sounds a little odd, but I have pondered upon, and had many a deep discussion with my sisters over different points in the books we read and how it relates to life.

  • You already know that it will not disappoint (always good, if you ask me)
  • There is always something new to discover within a book when reading it for the second or some time.
  • Experiencing again the magic of what made you love the book in the first place
  • Having a better perspective on the characters and what they're going through
  • Seeing how your thoughts on said book change, as well, as how things look different when you go back and read something you read when younger. Seriously, you will notice things you missed when you read it when your a little older.
  •  It is the perfect reset after a bunch of failed reads. Re-reading has gotten me out of a reading slump on more than one occasion, so, I'm pretty biased.

  • There's still man books you have yet to read and you don't want to waste time by going back instead of forward.
  • Sometimes you feel guilty by re-reading instead of staying "in the know" with the latest book
  • Your TBR pile(s) start to stare at you and wonder, "Am I not good enough?"
Now that you've seen my reasons for re-reading; and even my pros and cons for re-reading. I want to know your thoughts on re-reading?

Curious about which books I have read the most, other than Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia. Then I may just put together my most loved book list, so, y'all can check out and maybe read some of them too ...if y'all are interested that is.

I'm also considering doing occasional discussions posts here on the blog. I know, what is this madness!?! 

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