Thursday, April 24, 2014

While I'm Away

As I am counting down the days till I visit my new allergist, joy, oh, joy, I have determined that from April 24th (tomorrow...already) through May 3rd I'll be taking a brief hiatus from the blog and from returning emails. The reason for this is that for seven days prior to my appointment I'll have to stop all of my allergy meds (weeps at the thought of this) and with spring fully sprung down here I'm going to be pretty miserable and not up to keeping on top of things.
    As you've probably heard my allergies have been pretty bad the last two years, like worse then previous years, and I'm hoping to get them better under control. So, please, wish me luck on this front.

Now, don't go worrying your pretty heads, there will still be all the usual posts during my personal break you'll just be without my shining personality for a few days. I know, such hard time for all. So, if y'all have any questions, please, feel free to email me and I'll get back to you when I return from my brief break.

I hope that y'all will continue to check out the great, at least I think they're pretty great, posts that'll be going up while I'm away for a couple days.

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