Sunday, May 11, 2014

All Dolled Up

As you've probably noticed, the blog is all dolled up in it's new design. While it has been maybe four months since I changed it for the first time in five years, yes, I sometimes move slow when it comes to changes, I have been looking for a new look that, in my opinion, would better fit my blog.  Well, after months of fiddling around and rejecting many different designs I have settled on this one. Which I plan on keeping for quite sometime.

This image perfectly fits my thoughts on the blog with the new look.

While I'm still tweaking some of the finer details, such as fonts and colors, the transition to the new from the old is pretty much complete. Please, let me know if any of the texts are hard to read due to color or size. I want everyone to feel comfortable when visiting the blog and to read with ease.

I would love to know what y'all think of the new look.

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