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[Blog Tour Review/Giveaway] Henrietta and the Dragon Stone

Henrietta and the Dragon Stone (Five Kingdoms, 2) by Beth Barany, January 31, 2014. 300 pages. Published by Firewolf Books. Source: blog tour.
What if everyone you loved was threatened by a force you couldn't see or fight?

Henrietta the legendary dragon slayer wants to return to her village for a heroes’ welcome. But an unknown sorcerer rides after her and her Dragon Stone and aims to destroy everyone she cares about. Can she claim her newfound powers sparked by the Dragon Stone and keep her loved ones safe, or will the sorcerer destroy everyone and everything she loves?
First Sentence:
King Singfan sucked in a breath, stretched the crossbow, and held it steady, tracking the beast. 

While I found many reasons to enjoy Henrietta and the Dragon Stone, like the strong female character and the general story line, there were a couple things that kept me from being fully satisfied after finishing it. It was still quite the interesting read though.

Even though I do have some reservations after reading Beth Barany's Henrietta and the Dragon Stone, I am pleased that I was able to read this one because I enjoyed reading about Henrietta and her latest adventure. She was definitely a strong willed character, and as one would expect, with a past that at times haunts her.
   So, other than her obvious strength in battle and her fierceness when it came to protecting those she cared about I enjoyed reading about her because her character was more than those two aspects. I loved seeing the way the author wrote about her and how those closest to her respected her strength in the face of battle. It was interesting because at times you can see a strong character but, yes there's a but, the male characters seem well threatened by that and thus belittle it. But here that was not the case. The final reason I enjoyed reading about Henrietta would have to be because she had so much room to grow within the book. It was nice to see more than just her strength shown as she battled with her possible feelings for a friend, while still wishing to keep him safe from her by pushing him away.

As for the story, it was interesting even though I felt a little lost for the first couple of chapters. As the story seemed to pick up where the previous one left off-which I haven't read. So, while I worried for a few chapters on whether or not I was going to be able to make heads or tails of the story on a whole, I slowly fell into the writing and world as my brain puzzled out what could have happened in book one.
   That aside, what made the story interesting would have to be how all these little pieces, the attack on her mentor's village and more things, began to appear I enjoyed seeing the way the author used them to paint the fuller picture of the problems besieging the heroine. I'm sure y'all know how I like seeing the way authors take multiple plot strands to create the big picture of what's happening withing the world they have crated.

I would recommend starting from book one, unlike me, so that yo can have the full story of what happened previously that led up to the happenings of book two.

While I generally enjoyed the author's writing, I did feel that maybe things went a little fast when it came to the characters' evolving relationship. Would I have liked to see it move slower yes. There was just too much going on for me to believe that either character would even chance moving forward with their feelings at that point in the book. But, I'm guessing if it was a runoff from book one then I could more understand the exploration of their changing feelings.

Final Verdict: Henrietta and the Dragon Stone- An action packed fantasy with a strong, sword-wielding heroine that I'm sure readers will enjoy reading about.

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About the Author:

Beth Barany writes magical tales of romance and adventure to transport readers to new worlds where anything is possible.

Book 1: Henrietta The Dragon Slayer was the 2012 Grand Prize winner at the California Fiction Writers Book Contest and the 2011 Finalist at the Hollywood Book Festival.
Reader reviews of the award-winning young adult fantasy, Henrietta The Dragon Slayer, Book 1 in the Five Kingdoms series

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