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All About Middle Grade Review: The Book of Kindly Deaths [blog tour]

The Book of Kindly Deaths by Eldritch Black, September 16, 2014. 304 pages. Published by Spencer Hill Press. Source: publisher for blog tour.

When twelve-year-old Eliza Winter finds a secret room in her missing grandfather's sprawling, Gothic house, her safe, sheltered life is blown apart. Inside, below a stained glass window where moonlight shines no matter the time of day, sits The Book of Kindly Deaths.

In defiance of her controlling mother, who has always forbidden her to read anything strange or imaginary, Eliza takes the book. As night sets in, Eliza reads one haunting story after another. And the further she journeys inside the book, the more the boundaries between our world and a shadowy land of monsters and forbidden places begin to blur.

When the strange, crooked man from the book arrives on the doorstep claiming to be a rare-book collector and demanding entry into the house, Eliza's world is turned upside down. To escape him, she must dive all the way into the spine-tingling world of The Book of Kindly Deaths to save her grandfather--and write an end to the nightmare she's caught inside.
First Sentence:
On a desk in the room with the stained glass window sat a book.

While I ended up really enjoying The Book of Kindly Deaths by Eldritch Black, it took me some time to get into the story. Not that it was boring or anything, it just took some time for the story to get rolling and for me to truly sink my teeth into the story he had created.

Even though it took my some time to get into The Book of Kindly Deaths this was one thrilling read as Eliza was thrust into the world of Grimwytch and her family's history. At first, when Eliza's and her parents were introduced I couldn't help but wonder why her mother was so controlling in her effort to keep Eliza from anything imaginative, so, as the book unfolded and you learned that she was the daughter of a writer, one who can write the kindly death of one who brushed with those of the Grimwytch. I cannot say more on why I enjoyed the unfolding of this aspect of the story, but it definitely made me more interested in the book and lives of the characters as Eliza sought to understand things.

So, while I enjoyed the many aspects of the world in which the characters lived, like, the stories contained within the Book of Kindly Deaths as they were creepy, I thought it was Eldritch Black's writing that really made it interesting. I loved how well he caught the creepy vibe of the whole book and how his writing just pulled me into the book.
   With the world being interesting in itself, the rest of what made me enjoy this book so much would have to be how Eliza decided to strike out against the rules of her mother and father to see things through to the end. I really did enjoy seeing her realize that she was strong enough to enter and make a difference there.

In the end, The Book of Kindly Deaths has many elements that make for an exceptionally good read. Great writing, interesting plot, and a character that grows on you with each page you read. The only thing I found unlikable about this book would have to be the slightly slow beginning to the book. So, while it does take some time for the book to get going and for the character's story to really pull you in, or at least it did for me, I would definitely say that this is one book to keep in mind.

Final Verdict: The Book of Kindly Deaths- Wonderfully creepy and imaginative.

The Book of Kindly Deaths earns

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About the Author:
Eldritch Black is a writer of tales of dark fantasy and dread. Originally from London, England, Eldritch has since moved to a small island in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. He now lives in the middle of a forest where he collects shadows, converses with crows, and documents the creatures that crawl from the trees and slither in the undergrowth. When he isn’t writing stories of magical eeriness, Eldritch likes long walks on the beach in the rain at midnight, communing with cats and ghosts and the ghosts of cats, all things autumnal, photographing dreams, and attempting to play the Theremin.

You can haunt Eldritch Black at-
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This book was received in exchange for an honest review. 

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