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YA Interview: Emma Raveling (Author of Ondine)

I am excited to welcome Emma Raveling, author of the series Ondine, to the blog to discuss her books and which author she would love to converse with over a cup of tea. I hope y'all will give her a warm welcome.

You can read an excerpt of Emma Raveling's Ondine ->HERE<- br="">

About the Author:

Emma Raveling writes a wide variety of fiction for teens and adults. She is the author of the young adult urban / contemporary fantasy series, the Ondine Quartet, and Lost Blood, the first installment of the forthcoming young adult urban fantasy series, Chancer. She’s also working on the first book in her new Steel Magic series for adults.

An avid traveler hopelessly addicted to diet coke and coffee, she currently resides in Honolulu, Hawaii with her husband and German shepherd.

You can haunt Emma Raveling at-
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Emma, in five words can you tell us about your series, Ondine Quartet?

Action-packed, romantic, magical, suspenseful, coming-of-age journey. (Okay, technically six words :))

With so many supernatural creatures to choose from, why were you drawn to writing about ondines for your book? Why do you think readers will enjoy reading about Kendra?

I’d previously read about ondines in European mythology so I knew what they were. But the real inspiration for the series came from a classical music work by the French composer, Maurice Ravel, which was, in turn, inspired by ondine mythology.

While attending a concert, this particular piece of music invoked an image of a young woman rising from the waters. My world of water elementals gradually took shape as I explored who this girl was.

Kendra is not an easy character. She’s quick-tempered, impulsive, impatient, and doesn’t respond well to authority. But she’s also clever, resourceful, highly independent, and very passionate. Her defiant rebelliousness, bravery, and fierce loyalty form the core of what makes her a heroine.

Over the course of the books, a series of transformative experiences carry Kendra from her teenage years to adulthood. Beneath her tough exterior, she struggles with doubts and fears about who she is and what her future holds. It’s an uncertainty everyone has dealt with at some point in their lives. I think readers relate to Kendra’s journey of coming to terms with her past and present in order to face the future.

Which chapter was the hardest to write and why? Could you share with us a two sentence teaser from your favorite chapter?

I’m currently working on BREAKER, the final book in the series and it contains several of the most difficult chapters I’ve ever had to write. This is the darkest installment of Kendra’s story and some of the scenes have been emotionally grueling. As in all heroic journeys and stories of war, there is heartbreaking tragedy. Placing beloved characters in these situations is necessary for reaching a hard-fought conclusion to a series - but it’s certainly not easy to carry out.

Since my current work-in-progress is the series finale, I don’t want to give away any teasers from my favorite chapter quite yet.

So I’ll share two sentences from one of my favorite chapters in Crest, the third (and most recent) book of the series.
We were all memories and experiences, a kaleidoscope of colors refracting through water, intersecting lines shifting and changing with each ripple. Swept up in a narrative that had no beginning or end, a story that began far before I was born and would continue long after I was gone.

What was the last book you couldn't put down? What made it impossible to put down?

Actually, I’m right in the middle of devouring a book - House Immortal by Devon Monk.

I’m about halfway through it and it’s very well done, a combination of clever writing, fascinating world building, compelling characters.

If you could have tea with any author, dead or living, who would you choose and why? What is the first question you would ask them?

Oh, this is a hard one! There are so many I’d like to select so I could pick their brains. But I’d probably want to speak to Franz Kafka. I’d ask him the following:

You asked your trusted friend and confidant, Max Brod, to destroy all of your written work upon your death. Now that you know he didn’t and instead published your works for the world to read, do you feel betrayed or are you thrilled at how they’ve been received?

Emma, thank you so much for stopping by to discuss your books. It was a pleasure to have you on my blog and to share your thoughtful answers with everyone.

Ondine (Ondine, 0.5) by Emma Raveling, December 19, 2013. 
“I shouldn’t get involved.”

Rebellious and headstrong, sixteen-year-old Kendra Irisavie doesn’t have much respect for authority. An ondine with the powerful gift of Virtue, she uses her tough attitude and Empath magic to navigate through high school and keep others away.

Because being an ondine also means keeping secrets.

Kendra and her mother are Rogue water elementals in the middle of an ancient war. They hide among humans, their survival constantly threatened by monstrous Aquidae demons.

Along with a rigorous training regimen to mold Kendra into a lethal fighter, her mother has instituted four rules to keep her safe.

Trust no one. Relationships are weaknesses. Emotional attachments are dangerous. Be responsible only for yourself.

But when Kendra witnesses a classmate in trouble, she intervenes and her decision to break the rules comes at a price.

Sometimes, humans could be more dangerous than demons.

Ondine is a short prequel novella for the young adult urban / paranormal fantasy series, the Ondine Quartet.

Don't forget, you can add Ondine by Emma Raveling to your Goodreads shelves. You can also get a copy of Ondine at any of the following places for free: Amazon | Apple iBooks | KOBO | Smashwords | or you could download it free in the following formats: MOBI  Vers. | ePUB | or, you could get a signed ebook.

Prizes: ebook copies of all available books in the Ondine Quartet (Ondine, Whirl, Billow, Chevalier, Warrior Prince, Crest) and signed swag.

Open internationally.

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