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A Haunting 6th Blogoversary (Day the Fifth) with Kate Tilton

I am so excited to welcome Kate Tilton, yes, that Kate Tilton host of #K8chat on Twitter (which you can join Thursday's at 9pm) and all around super nice person.

Not only does Kate host the wonderful #K8Chat weekly, but she is also an authors assistant and social media manager. And let's not forget about her hard work to connect readers and authors that would work well together. Yeah, y'all should most definitely check out her website and sign-up for her blogger emails. Kate Tilton, Connecting Authors & Readers.


Me: Q 1. What is the one author who made you fall in love with reading? Favorite book of theirs?

I'm not even sure I remember. When I was little my mother used to read to me and my sister. Then as I got older I started to read book series based on Spy Kids and Star Wars. Those series are the ones that got me really into reading on my own. But I'd say my mother instilled the love of reading in me. :) 
That's like my mom. Not only did she give us a love of reading and reading to us when we were quite small.

Me: Q 2. If you could live inside the world of one book which would it be and why?

There are so many book worlds that I have loved. A few worlds I'd love to jump into: Breeana Puttroff's The Dusk Gate Chronicles, Alicia Kat Vancil's The Marked Ones Trilogy, or basically any world Suzanne Lazear writes. All of these worlds have magic or aliens, or creatures not of this world. I love reading stories about worlds and things that don't happen in the everyday. I know many people say reading is an escape (and it can be) but I find it more to be a place to explore new things that we might not get here in this world.
So many that I haven't heard of! I think I'll have to look into these because they sound interesting from what you've said about them.

Me: Q 3. Book you are currently telling the world they must be reading- RIGHT THIS MOMENT-?

VICIOUS by V.E. Schwab! This is my favorite book of all time, seriously. Just think: words so carefully chosen, like music or poetry to describe some of the darkest parts of being human (and inhuman). VICIOUS plays with what is good and evil, right and wrong. It is compelling, unique, and something I devoured while also having to take pauses simple to appreciate how perfectly crafted it was. If you have not read VICIOUS you must do it. Do it now! 
Oh man!!! I may have to make Vicious my next library selection because you just sold me on needing it in my life.
Me: Q 4. Your thoughts on the ups and downs of blogging?

Sticking it out with a blog can be a big challenge! I am (probably surprisingly to most) not a fan of writing. So for me I had to decide to really make the commitment to blogging. Life is full of unexpected challenges and it can be so easy to put the blog on hold when these things come up. Just like we have to make reading a priority to fit it into our busy lives, we have to do the same with blogging or eventually something will come up and the blog won't survive. 
Life, it can definitely interfere with ones plans for maintaining a's definitely a make or break moment.

Me: Q 5. The world has fallen to a robot invasion and only one heroine/hero can possibly save the day, who do you choose? 

Since we are dealing with robots I'm going to want a tech guy. I'm leaning towards Robin/Nightwing from Young Justice. His skills in tech are simply marvelous to watch, plus he is a bit of a looker. ;). 
Young Justice's Robin, yes!!!! Robin is one of my favorite comic characters. I really wish I hadn't missed out on this show while it was on. 

Alright, now it's time for the tables to be flipped and I'll be answering a question from Kate.

Kate: What is your favorite thing to blog (reviews, interviews, guest posts, etc)?

Can have two favorites?!?! If so, it would be reviews and interviews.

Reviews because I enjoy putting down my thoughts on the books I read as it helps me to fully process what I thought on the book as I think back over what I've read. Sometimes though, it takes me days to actually be able to wrangle my thoughts into something semi-cohesive.

I enjoy doing interviews because there are questions I'm dying to ask, authors or fellow readers, and given the chance to fling questions at them is quite enjoyable. You just never know what someone will answer with; also nobody answers the same question in the same way. 
Kate, thank you so much for stopping by and helping me celebrate!

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