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All About Middle Grade Review: Fairylicious

Fairylicious (Fairylicious, 1) by Tiffany Nicole Smith, April 29, 2013. 234 pages. Published by Twisted Spice. Source: author.
Bex meant well. She always means well, but somehow trouble follows her wherever she goes. Bex thinks she's doing something nice when she blows out her birthday candles and wishes for fairies for her and each of her friends. The good news: Bex's wish comes true. The bad news: Maize, Blush, Olive, and Iris are not the fairies the girls were expecting.

These fairies are allergic to pixie dust and afraid of heights. On top of that, every wish they grant ends up being a disaster. Bex thought fairies were supposed to make life easier. Between these fractured fairies, an aunt and a teacher who seem to hate her, and the perils of being the biggest kid in the sixth grade--will Bex survive?
First Sentence:
"B...E...X," I said to myself as I traced the wooden letters on my bedroom wall with the dusting cloth.

While it has been some months since I read Fairylicious, it seems I had misplaced it before setting down my thoughts on this one. Even though it was an interesting read it took me some time to get into the actual story and to become caught up in the characters stories.

Fairylicious  is definitely one book that brings home the whole say "be careful what you wish for", as Bex's wish for fairies ends up being far from what she hoped for. While the fairies were not quite up to the task of granting wishes as they were dealing with their own problems. Even though defective fairies is not something new to fairy books, I did find it interesting in the way each of the four fairies were broken and how they were trying to in essence clear their names.
   So, in some ways it's different from your typical fairy read but in others it's pretty similar. For me, it took me some time to get into the writing and to fully appreciate the characters and their situation. I guess you could say I was hoping that it would be a little more different and quicker paced. Even though I was a little disappointed with it not breaking new ground in fairy books, it was a well written book.

At first, I didn't much care for Bex because she was so desperate to have a fairy to do her bidding. It just seemed that she was looking for the easy way out of everything and you know what that really bothered me. Frankly, I felt bad for the fairies because she expected so much from them in their current state and because it made her look lazy; not to mention that you would think after the first two or so screw-ups she would have put less stock in them making life easy. You can probably tell that few things annoy me as much as people looking for the easy route in life.
   While I was annoyed with Bex at first, I ended up liking her in the end because she took care to see to the safety of the fairies and to do what she could to help them. Still, I was not quite impressed with her in the first chunk of the book, but, like I said, she grows on you the further you read on.

In the end, the one thing I disliked the most about this book would have to be the title. I know one shouldn't judge a book by its title (or cover), but the name Fairylicious just did not work for me. I felt that a more apt title would have been something along the lines of "Fairy Troubles". All in all, I guess things were too bad if my biggest complaint in that of the title as the writing was good and the overall story-line was interesting.
    I must say, that I am quite curious as to what will happen in the next installment as the title has piqued my interest. Should the opportunity present itself I would not say no to seeing how things unfold over the next few volumes.

Final Verdict: Fairylicious- Took some time to capture my attention, but it turned out to be a pretty interesting read.

Fairylicious earns
this book was received from the author in exchange for an honest review

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