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DNF Review: Crater Trueblood and the Lunar Rescue Company

Crater Trueblood and the Lunar Rescue Company (Helium-3, 3) by Homer Hickman, June 10, 2014. 336 pages. Published by Thomas Nelson. Source: BookLook Bloggers.
Crater Trueblood has to rescue his ex-girlfriend . . . and the entire human race.

Maria Medaris is the 21-year-old matriarch of the most powerful family on the moon--gorgeous, powerful, and high-maintenance. When she is kidnapped by green-lipped, gene-splicing scientists, Maria's only hope turns out to be the very man she once spurned: Crater Trueblood.

Crater and the Lunar Rescue Company must rescue Maria before she joins forces with the lunatics who have taken her hostage and aim to make her queen.

Turns out more than Maria is at stake: the planet Earth, majestically rising over the lunar horizon, is in the crosshairs of an asteroid engineered by Maria's abductors. If Crater can't stop it, humanity on Earth will be destroyed.

The fate of two worlds hangs in the balance . . . and the clock is ticking.
First Sentence:
Beneath the vast Michael Collins Dome in Armstrong City, Medaris Enterprises guards held back curious pedestrians as Dr. Maria Medaris strode purposefully from her corporate headquarters building and into the backseat of her limobug, her assistant Miss Torricelli settling in beside her.

This is one of those cases where the book and I just didn't get along. Normally, I would have devoured a book like Crater Trueblood and the Lunar Rescue Company and been oh, so, absorbed in the the science fiction-ness of the book; yet, my problem arise when I accidentally, yes I wasn't paying attention, requested the third book in the series. Yeah, you see where this is going, right?

Even though the first couple of chapters really pulled me in, I just could not get into Crater Trueblood and the Lunar Rescue Company because I felt completely lost as to what was going on. If I could do things over, I would probably not have requested this one without having read the first two books. Though, from what I did read, I was enjoying the author's writing and was intrigued by the plot...I was just too confused to continue on.

While the world setting and plot were interesting, I found myself turned off from this book for two reasons. The first, as I've already stated was my confusion as to what had happened in the previous books leading up to what was currently happening in the book; the second being that I just found myself unable to care about Maria Medaris, who seemed to really be the only character introduced at the point I read up to. Those two factors really kept me from plugging away and finishing this one.

The question remains would I be willing to give Crater Trueblood and the Lunar Rescue Company another shot further down the line. Yes, because I think this book definitely has something to offer; though it'll be quite sometime as I'll need to get my hands on the first two before I can even consider it. Although, I am not ruling this book out forever, just shelving it for another time.

While I am marking this one as a DNF, I hope to one day give the first book in Homer Hickman's Helium-3 series a try and maybe get a chance to fully experience the world that he created.

This book was received from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.

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