Friday, February 6, 2015

Author Interview w/ Michelle Murray (The Dream Walker)

Today, I have Michelle Murray stopping by to discuss her book The Dream Walker, book one in the Land of Mystica series. Stay tuned to find out which author, dead or living, she would like to question over tea.


1. In five words tell us about Dream Walker:

 Magic, Dreams, Adventure, Wizards, Fun!

2. How does Miranda come to be in Mystica? Is he ready to handle the onset of powers she's discovered?

Miranda goes to an odd bookstore Rainbows and Dreams, where she discovers she is the Dream Walker. She says a spell to take her to Mystica before the dreams drive her insane. She wants to help the old man in her dreams, but is overwhelmed with the pictures and words appearing in her mind!

3. Can you share with us a two sentence teaser from Dream Walker?

Here is a two sentence teaser about how the wizards got trapped in stones:
The spell trapped people’s souls in stones. Midnight quickly went to work. He gathered all the ingredients. He studied the spell over and over again. Finally, he was ready. Mystica would be his!
4. If you could have tea with an author living or dead, who would it be? What would be the first question you would ask him?

I guess if I have to choose I would say the bard himself Shakespeare. His plays and poems still inspire us to this day. Many phrases and sayings have come from his plays that we still us today! I would ask him which one of his famous plays is his favorite? Does he prefer the romantic love story of Romeo and Juliet or the historical plays like Richard III or the power hungry play of McBeth?

5. The world has fallen into robot invasion, and only one heroine/hero can save the day, who would you choose?

I would choose Laura Croft from Tomb Raider. She is awesome! I'm a little biased toward female heroes lol!

6. Last book that kept you reading into the night?

Besides writing my own, Tigers Curse by Colleen Huck. It has tigers, magic, adventure, and a dash of romance What's not to like? She has a new Egyptian book coming out that I can't wait to read!

7. Two things (one non writing thing  you are good at and one you wish you could do)

When not reading, or writing I do crafts and I've gotten pretty good at them. For Christmas, I painted some pictures for family and friends. I painted a reindeer and angels. I used a children's coloring book to help with me with the shape of the reindeer.  In springtime (which is coming soon I hope) I paint flower pots. One thing I wish I could do would be draw. I often use pictures from the internet or stencils for my crafts since my drawings are very poor. I would love to draw my own characters! Who better to depict what they look like than me? Though, I love seeing what my fans and readers come up with as well!

Michelle, thank you so much for stopping by! I do think Lara Croft would do admirably on saving the world from a robot invasion. Ah, Shakespeare, I have some questions for him as well (gives him the eye).

Guys, you can find out more about The Dream Walker and connect with the Michelle Murray via FB.

The Dream Walker (Land of Mystica, 1) by Michelle Murray, August 18, 2014.
Once upon Mystica there were six wizards, three light, and three dark. One day, one of the dark wizards Midnight says a spell to trap the fellow wizards. The spell goes astray, and all the wizards are trapped in stones. Now, one curious boy finds one of the stones and releases Midnight upon Mystica. Midnight gathers an army and prepares for war. Miranda is an average college age girl, until she starts having dreams of Mystica. This dreams lead her to journey through Mystica to find the one wizard that can stop Midnight, Lightning. Follow Miranda through the Ice Caves, Forest of the Lost, and the Dragons Lair. Can Miranda find and release Lightning and save Mystica?

You can add The Dream Walker to your goodreads shelves. 

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