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Graphic Novel Review: Ares Bringer of War [Blog Tour]

Ares Bringer of War (Olympians, 7) by George O'Connor, January 27, 2015. 80 pages. Published by First Second. Source: publisher.
The myth continues in the tenth year of the fabled Trojan War where two infamous gods of war go to battle. The spotlight is thrown on Ares, god of war, and primarily focuses on his battle with the clever and powerful Athena. As the battle culminates and the gods try to one-up each other to win, the human death toll mounts. Who will win this epic clash of power? And how many will have to die first?

I feel I should start this review by explaining my interest in reading Ares: Bringer of War. So, for quite some time now, I have been intrigued by Greek mythology and the Trojan War. From the epic poems of The Iliad (this one read one summer while camping on the beach) and The Odyssey just because. Of course, this meant that I was supremely curious to see how George O'Connor would handle the story in a graphic novel and what he would choose to focus on within the story.

Okay, while I was 99.99% sure that Ares: Bringer of War was going to be an interesting and well done story, I was not prepared to have my thoughts changed so drastically when it came to Ares himself. Ares is just one of those characters that you just don't like; well, at least that was my view on him up until reading about him in this book. All put it this way, you will never look at Ares the same way again after reading George O'Connor's depiction of him; he's the same Ares but with a slight twist.

I enjoyed that Ares: Bringer of War told the story of the Trojan War from the perspective of the gods themselves. It was interesting to see how they saw both the war and how they treated those within it. You definitely got more of a feel for how they treated it somewhat like a chess game and a chance at vengeance. Yet, it was this aspect that really gave Ares a chance to show a different side. I don't want to go into too many details, but, what really made Ares seem different was that even though he was still blood thirsty for war, in a way, he was the one who cared most for those whose lives were lost and those still fighting.
Art work:

For me, the art work in a graphic novel can be the making or breaking point. So, call me surprised when  I found myself really enjoying the style used throughout Ares: Bringer of War.  I was fascinated on how the art managed to capture both the chaos of war and the scope of feelings that all involved went through. It managed to be both gritty and clean, if that makes any sense to anyone other than myself.

Best of the art work:
That would be the closeups of the characters, like, when the Olympians were having yet another row with one another. I really enjoyed seeing how George O'Connor envisioned them. I was actually surprised, in a good way, by the representation of each character.

While the battle scenes were not as jumbled as some graphic novels/manga I've read, there were some panels were things descended into madness that was hard to decipher what was happening. Though like I said, I have seen worse.

Final Verdict: Ares: Bringer of War- This one brings a whole new perspective to The Iliad and would be a great way to introduce younger readers to a classic. A little violent but then again it is about the Trojan War so...

Ares: bringer of War earns
This book was received in exchange for an honest review.

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