Friday, February 20, 2015

On My Mind (2): When Things Fall Through

*note* First off, I hope no one else is currently using "On My Mind" as a discussion post title. If they (or you are), please, let me know and I'll find a new name.

As one can probably presume from the header of this post, I have decided to start doing discussion posts here on The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia. Call it me trying to let y'all inside my head and to start a dialog with you my fellow readers.

When Things Fall Through

You know the awkward moment when you read an advanced copy of a book, one that you're enjoying so much that you plan on buying it as soon as possible. And then, then you notice that it seems to have disappeared and is nowhere for the buying. You start wondering what happened, if you imagined said book that you are holding in your hand.... One day, many months after it should have been released you get the nerve to ask the publisher or author, "what happened?", only to find out that they have amicably parted ways...and...and no more book.

So, that brings me to today's question. What should a reviewer do? Should you review the book that you enjoyed yet is no longer being published or should you just let it go? I'm not sure if this has ever happened to y'all and right now I don't know what to do. 

First off, I really and truly loved that book. It had so much potential and one I would have recommended like mad. It was fun, the characters and plot line were interesting, and the writing really pulled me into the story.  Even months after finishing it, I still fondly think about the premise and the story the author created. Of course, then I get a little sad because this book is no longer going to be available for others to discover. 

You tell me, should I put my thoughts out there on this mystery book, or, should I just move on? 

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