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[Blog Tour Review] The Dungeoneers

Guys, I am crazy, excited to be talking about John David Anderson's newest book The Dungeoneers!! This book was so good that it broke my brain! Read on to see why I loved his newest book!!

The Dungeoneers (Dungeoneers, 1) by John David Anderson, June 23, 2015. 448 pages. Published by Walden Pond Press. Source: publisher.
The world is not a fair place, and Colm Candorly knows it. While his parents and eight sisters seem content living on a lowly cobbler's earnings, Colm can't help but feel that everyone has the right to a more comfortable life. It's just a question of how far you're willing to go to get it.

In an effort to help make ends meet, Colm uses his natural gift for pickpocketing to pilfer a pile of gold from the richer residents of town, but his actions place him at the mercy of a mysterious man named Finn Argos, a gilded-toothed, smooth-tongued rogue who gives Colm a choice: he can be punished for his thievery, or he can become a member of Thwodin's Legions, a guild of dungeoneers who take what they want and live as they will. Colm soon finds himself part of a family of warriors, mages, and hunters, learning to work together in a quest to survive and, perhaps, to find a bit of treasure along the way.
First Sentence:
Colm Canderly had nine fingers and eight sisters.

Even though The Dungeoneers is only the second book I've read by John David Anderson, I must say that he is quickly climbing the ranks of favorite middle grade authors. I just love how imaginative and well written his books are!

I can generally tell how my thoughts are going to be on a book in the first page. So, when Colm was first introduced and the story kick-off I just had this feeling that The Dungeroneers and I would get along quite nicely. Little truth: I found it to be incredible and something I hope everyone will read because it is just that good!! So, I guess y'all want to know why I found it to be such a great read, now.

The Canderly's, I just really, really liked the entire family. From Colm and his eight sisters allt he way to his hardworking parents. There was something so interesting about the dynamics of their family and how he set out to make their lives easier by stealing (even though thievery is wrong). If there were more fictional families like them I would be all over devouring said books. While I found the Canderly's to be one of my favorite fictional families, you are going to have to discover why exactly for yourself as I want y'all to experience the Canderly's and what makes them such a great family for yourself.
  As for Colm, there was something about him that made hi fun to read about. Could have been watching him develop his skills as a lockpick, or, maybe it was watching him and his party team work together using their various skills to survive dungeoneer-ing.

The Dungeoneers brims with humor as Colm, the only boy in his family that includes eight sisters, as he joins the Legion in hopes of becoming a Dungeoneer and changing his families fortune. Without knowing it, I had lucked into reading the book I've been needing with this one as it had some of my favorite book elements. One of the best things about this book, besides the writing, was the world and the whole dungeoneer-ing. Yet it was the characters I loved best (that and the writing) because they were so outrageous and fun to read about. Really, John David Anderson has created a book, while vastly different from his last book, is every bit as fun as delving into a massive RPG like Morrowwind.

Final Verdict: The Dungeoneers- Is pretty close to perfection as John David Anderson melds fantasy and role-play like scenarios into one incredible read!

The Dungeroneers  earns

About the Author:
John David Anderson is the author of Sidekicked and Minion. A dedicated root beer connoisseur in his spare time, he lives with his wife, two kids, and perpetually whiny cat in Indianapolis. You can visit him online at

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Watch the trailer/introduction for The Dungeoneers by John David Anderson.

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 this book was received in exchange for an honest review.

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