Sunday, June 7, 2015

Review: Vices and Virtues

Vices and Virtues: Knowing, Accepting, and Understanding Yourself by Alejandro Ortega Trillo, translated by Carolina Gambini, March 1, 2015. 160 pages. Published by Liguori Publications. Source: borrowed.
Behind every virtue is a vice. Likewise, behind every vice is a virtue that, when developed and strengthened, can overcome the vice, writes Fr. Ortega, an authority in moral behavior. In Vices and Virtues, he reveals how to leverage faults and weaknesses to forge virtues. In this three-part how-to guide, readers will get to know themselves with honesty, learn to accept themselves and their faults in humility, and begin to improve their lives by cultivating virtues. It might seem like an impossible task, but you'll have help and motivation from the highest source. Developing virtue can help you achieve balance in your life and holiness.
First Sentence:
As human beings we are, to a certain extent, the sum of our habits.

Sometimes, even though I have tons of books to read, I'll start in on something my mom recommends. Since it was a short read I decided "why not" and went for it! As my mom said, it was definitely a great read and made me look deep within myself to see how I could become a better person.

Now, I'm not usually one for books like Vices and Virtues. Not because I think I'm perfect and beyond need of help, but because the way they're written usually irritates me with the tone that author uses. So, call me surprised by how much I enjoyed this one-from what the author had to say concerning turning vices into virtues to the way he wrote it.

One of the reasons I found myself liking Vices and Virtues is that he strove to help you understand/see where it is your may be coming up short and how to accept and change bad habits. I liked how the book was set up in three parts with chapters that covered: Know Your Self, Accept Yourself, and to Improve Yourself. Each of the chapters left much to think over as one takes into consideration the different ways that vie can take shape (even some that would probably be surprising).

What I enjoyed about Alejandro Ortega Trillo's writing was that it wasn't so much him telling you where you were falling short, as him giving you a way to look within yourself and identify your personal short comings and how to move past them. Writing-wise, that's what made this such an interesting and thought provoking read. It is definitely a great book if you're willing to take the time to look within yourself with the hopes of changing for the better.

Final Verdict: Vices and Virtues- Looking for a good step-by-step guide to crush your vices, then this is the book for you. Well written and excellent for taking a good hard look at yourself and changing things for the better.

Vices and Virtues earns
this book was borrowed, from my mom. All thoughts are my own.

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