Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wish List Wednesday: The Dungeoneers

The Dungeoneers (The Dungeoneers, 1) by John David Anderson, June 23, 2015. 448 pages. Published by Walden Pond Press.
The world is not a fair place, and Colm Candorly knows it. While his parents and eight sisters seem content living on a lowly cobbler's earnings, Colm can't help but feel that everyone has the right to a more comfortable life. It's just a question of how far you're willing to go to get it.

In an effort to help make ends meet, Colm uses his natural gift for pickpocketing to pilfer a pile of gold from the richer residents of town, but his actions place him at the mercy of a mysterious man named Finn Argos, a gilded-toothed, smooth-tongued rogue who gives Colm a choice: he can be punished for his thievery, or he can become a member of Thwodin's Legions, a guild of dungeoneers who take what they want and live as they will. Colm soon finds himself part of a family of warriors, mages, and hunters, learning to work together in a quest to survive and, perhaps, to find a bit of treasure along the way.

Why: Alright, I already know that The Dungeoneers is one incredible read. So, instead of this being a typical Wish List Wednesday, this is more of me wishing y'all will give this wonderful book a chance when it comes out later this month.

Want to know why I found it to be such a great read, then check out my review of The Dungeoneers and get this gem on your buy list!!

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