Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wish List Wednesday: Empire of Bones

Empire of Bones (Ashtown Burials, 3) by N.D. Wilson, October 22, 2013. Published by Random House Books for Young Readers.
Cyrus and Antigone Smith have thwarted Dr. Phoenix’s plans—for the moment. They’ve uncovered a new threat from the transmortals and managed to escape with their lives. Their next adventure will take them deep into the caves below Ashtown, where they will look for help from those imprisoned in one of Ashtown’s oldest tombs.

Why: I really enjoyed reading The Dragon's Tooth and since I have The Drowned Vault on my TBR stack...I'm thinking that I shall be needing this one as soon as possible! Definitely looking forward to more adventures with Cyrus and Antigone.

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