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All About Middle Grade Review: Servalius Window

Servalius Window by Claudia White, May 18, 2015. 224 pages. Published by MP Publishing. Source: author.
Servalius Window is a story of destiny, change, knowledge and time, combining the ancient story of Gilgamesh and Chinese Proverbs to tell the story of two worlds inextricably linked: Servalius and Earth.
First Sentence:
A dazzling shade of blue was the dominate color.

Yet again, Claudia White has delivered a fresh and delightfully thought out middle grade read. With the combining of the ancient story of Gilgamesh and Chinese Proverbs, I was completely absorbed into the latest story involving the Huttons'.

The beginning, well, it left me somewhat confused as to how it would tie into the whole story. Yet, as the story progressed I began to see how everything wove together into a whole; also, by the time you reach the end you'll know exactly what the importance of the first part of the book is and how it plays into the big picture. Don't give up because it is well played that little, confusing plot.

One of the things I've enjoyed most about Claudia White's books would have to be the Huttons. They have this great family dynamic going on that is really quite enjoyable to read about. For one thing, I have really enjoyed watching Felix and Melinda grow throughout the books. Yet, it is in The Servalius Window that you see them both more confidant in their abilities and themselves. Even though there were times that made my heart hurt for them, the overall arcing of the plot line was just so good.

Story-wise, I loved the blending of the story of Gilgamesh and Chinese Proverbs with the characters' overlying story-lines. It was just really interesting to see how Ms. White used them within the book to progress the plot-line. While I am in no way familiar with the story of Gilgamesh, I thought the way it was used was interesting especially once I began to see how the first part of the book played into the whole story.

Final Verdict: The Servalius Window- From start to finish, this is a beautifully written book that will take readers on an unexpected journey.

The Servalius Window earns

 This book was received for review consideration. All thoughts are my own.

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