Monday, July 20, 2015

And the "Make Me Read" Results are in...

You remember how earlier in the month I posted a poll of books that y'all should "Make Me Read", well, that results are in and the people, you lovelies, have chosen what I'll be reading.

To refresh you're memories, here are the books that were listed as potential candidates for the read-a-thon. Truth be told, I actually had y'all vote on non-review books as with it be summer I just want to read for the sake of reading.

Before we get to the results, how about a little bit of why I chose each book.

Windsinger is actually one of my favorite books/series, and, as I haven't read it in what seems like ages I decided to throw it into the mix.

As for Cinder and Blood Red Road, well, both are books that I've listened to the audiobook of. Sadly though, I never progressed past book one in either series and thought reading them would be the perfect excuse to prepare for the rest of their respective series.

Now, Pathfinder, The Gathering Storm, Prophecy, The Red Queen's Daughter, Spell Bound, Seraphina, and Dreamhunter, well, they've all been on my TBR for WAY TOO LONG!!!

So, without further ado I present the results as voted on by you dear readers!!!!

And the winner (by a landslide) is................................

Cinder *claps*

followed by.....................................
Blood Red Road, (a two-way tie between) Seraphina and Spell Bound, and (a four-way tie between) The Gathering Storm, Red Queen's Daughter, Pathfinder and The Wind Singer rounding things out.

Come tomorrow...or should I say later today, I'll be starting in on Cinder. I don't know how many I'll be able to get to, but, I plan on squeezing all of these into my schedule before the year's out!!!

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