Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sew Adventurous (3): The Black Hole That is Gaming!!

Even though today's Sew Adventurous post has nothing to do with crafting, I couldn't help but want to share with y'all the black hole I've fallen gaming. As well as some other non-reading things I'm currently up to!

While I enjoy playing video games, I've never really been interested in mobile gaming off the phone. Yet, when my sister recommended, okay she really just wanted me to join her alliance, DomiNations I decided to give it a whirl...well, let's just say that I am absolutely hooked!! There's just something about building/leading a nation through the various ages, from Stone Age to Space age, that is, well, addictive. Also, the whole perfecting the peoples defenses and building an army to conquer other villages...yeah, I may be enjoying this one too much!!

Playing DomiNations kind of makes me feel like this:

The other game my sister has gotten me into is School Idol Festival based on the anime show Love! Live! School Idol Project. While I don't play this one as much, it's still quite fun as you get to unlock cards for characters from the show, and maybe one's that are just for the game, by completing songs from the show.

In non-gaming, I have finally made it to running!! Now that my knee and ankle are much better, thanks to months of PT and endless hours of exercising, I have been cleared for running!! And with the warm weather all I want to do is be outside running around or playing with my dogs. Summer gives me a serious case of the "I Want to be OUT DOING THINGS!!"
   Some days, we do run outs (where you run x number of minutes out and then the same time back); other days, like today, was hilly runs (hills are somewhat hard to find here); and tomorrow is field width sprints. Aren't I even so nice to drag my older sister out for all this fun!!

Tell me, what have y'all been up to this summer? 

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