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YA Review: Exile

Exile (Crystal Keeper, 1) by Laurisa Reyes White, February 9, 2015. 130 pages. Published by Skyrocket Press. Source: author.
Exiled for loving a human, Jayson is sworn to protect the Seer's crystal from those who would use it to obtain power. Unbeknownst to him, his wife Ivanore searches for him, hoping to save him from the terrible fate she has seen in her visions. When she is captured, Jayson must make an impossible choice--should he save Ivanore or save the crystal?
First Sentence:
Ivanore hunched over the parchment, the tip of her quill flicking above her hand like a trapped bird desperate to escape.

After reading The Last Enchanter in 2013, I have been really curious as to what happened prior to The Celestine Chronicles with Invanore and Jayson. So, imagine my surprise when the author contacted me about the opportunity to read/review the prequel series (try majorly excited!!)!!

After reading Exile  I feel that so many of the questions that plagues me were finally answered. But what made me happiest was seeing the story of Ivanore and Jayson unfold because their roles in the Celestine Chronciles begged for chance to be expanded upon. While I still had many questions after reading book one, the story itself really pulled me in.

Even though I liked learning more on why Jayson and Ivanore were exiled and how their choices and Ivanore's abilities would shape the happenings of the Celestine Chronicles, it was their individual stories that really made this book interesting. Especially since the story was told from both viewpoints so you got a fuller scope of what both characters were feeling/going through as they were torn a part and set on different, dangerous journeys.

With Exile covering, well, their exile you would think the story would get a little boring and repetitive, yet, it was their separation that made things interesting as Jayson was unwillingly brought into the group that Ivanore walked away from. It was interesting to see how the two opposing sides, in regards to Ivanore and her rock, differed and how their roles within the world played into everything. It also didn't hurt that they brought in some interesting characters with story-lines that really added to the story-you'll have to read it to discover what they are for yourself.

As with the first and last, okay till now it was only, book I've read by Laurisa White Reyes I was impressed with her writing. I really enjoyed the way the plot and story line laid the foundation for what would take place in her other series. As a prequel series, I thought it did quite well standing on its own with characters and writing that really stood out.

Final Verdict: Exile- A well written prequel that answers so many questions that I had leftover from The Celestine Chronicles. Filled with mystery and danger, and, a power that could change the world, this book reeled me in from the first page.

Exile earns
this book was received from the author in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

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